Vail’s looking at an unbelievable season, one way or another |

Vail’s looking at an unbelievable season, one way or another

Michael NortonVail, CO, Colorado

The focus here at the Vail Chamber & Business Association has really been around the speculation for the upcoming season. We are anxiously anticipating the opening of the ski season and our first guests. Some are cautiously optimistic while others are a little nervous based on mixed reports about bookings. Everyone, however, is praying for snow, and the earlier the better!What are you looking for, hoping or praying for this season? Better yet, what are you already thankful for? With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we will have reminders of what we are most thankful for in our lives. Family, friends, loved ones, jobs, snow, travel, second homes, and our pets are just a partial list of potential blessings that people will give thanks for this year while enjoying their Thanksgiving feasts. Here is a new way to think of gratitude and giving thanks. Try projecting forward what the year will bring and give thanks in advance. Thank you for the business I will get in 2009. Thank you for a deeper relationship with my spouse. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my children so much more in 2009. Thank you for my loyal employees who will stick by me in good times and in bad times. Thank you for allowing me to deal with adversity so professionally and with integrity. Project your gratitude forward and give thanks in advance for all the wonderful things and people in your life and 2009 will be better regardless of the economy or the snow. As we worry, speculate, hope, and pray about the upcoming season, lets take a moment and really give true thanks for all that we have been blessed with in years past as well as the current joys in our lives. Instead of focusing on what might happen this year, lets remember the snow records and sales records that we set or broke last year and be grateful, truly grateful. The season will come and go before we know it but the most important people in our lives will still be here. I can say for certainty right now that the 2008/09 season will be unbelievable. It could be unbelievably great, unbelievably mediocre, or unbelievably tougher than expected, so it will be unbelievable any way that you look at it. We will be scrambling to provide the best service and guest experience that we can. And as we do we will be working harder and putting in longer hours. This could create a little or even a lot of stress for some of us. When it happens, remember this stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Take the stress in stride and be grateful for those most important to you.I have met some people who cant embrace this whole attitude of gratitude concept. These are the same people who stand in front of a fireplace and demand heat before they actually put the wood in and start the fire. These same people will demand a raise or promotion and then they will step up and do the work. If you live life with an attitude of gratitude you know that you have to put something into life before you get something out of life. A simple way to adopt this philosophy is to give thanks everywhere that you can, and show gratitude to those around you. You will notice that the fire will be ignited, warmth will be provided, and people will rally around you. So if you are feeling stressed and want to learn how to turn stressed into desserts, I am up for ice cream any time. At the Vail Chamber & Business Association we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve the community. If you have questions about the chamber or wish to join, please call us at 970-477-0075 or e-mail us at Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you in the future. Michael Norton is director of the Vail Chamber & Business Association.

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