Vail’s May sales tax collections down 10.9 percent |

Vail’s May sales tax collections down 10.9 percent

Cliff Thompson

In fact, May 2002 was a tough month economically, with a 10.9 percent decrease. Total sales tax collected in May decreased from $445,863 collected last year to $397,288 this year.

The numbers, unadjusted for inflation, tell the story:

– Utility and taxable services declined 19.5 percent.

– Retail was down 2.1 percent.

– Lodging decreased 10.7 percent.

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– Food and beverage decreased 8 percent.

The numbers showed great geographic variability, however.

Vail Village’s lodging tax collections, for example, were up 54 percent from $11,576 last year to this year’s $17,829. By contrast, Lionshead’s lodging collections were up 2.1 percent, from $6,874 to $7,016.

Vail’s food and beverage sales tax collections were down just 0.6 percent, while Lionshead was down 55.3 percent.

Meanwhile, lodging in the Cascade Village area was down 46 percent, yet food and beverage sale tax collections were up 6.4 percent.

By retail category, there was wide disparity in sales tax numbers, particularly in smaller categories, including:

– Jewelry sales were up 40 percent, from $6,390 to $8,965.

– Gallery sales were down 54 percent, from $869 to $400.

– Sport related sales were down 3.2 percent, from $23,894 to $ 23,125.

– Food, the largest sales tax category, was up 1 percent, from $72,622 to $73,325.

– Sales related to liquor, apparel and gifts all decreased.

It’s not just Vail, however. Tourism across the state has declined, with wildfires that have burned more than 250,000 acres statewide so far receiving much of the blame.

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