Vail’s Science Behind series event looks at stem cell treatment for joint pain |

Vail’s Science Behind series event looks at stem cell treatment for joint pain

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Join Walking Mountains Science Center for a discussion on the Science Behind Stem Cell Treatment for Joint Pain on Jan. 16 at 6:30 p.m. ThriveMD medical director Scott Brandt will discuss how stem cells carry huge potential to restore an active and pain-free life.

Autologous (self-derived adult) stem cell therapy is one of the newest and most innovative avenues in regenerative medicine. Brandt will walk attendees through the minimally invasive procedure that works to relieve the pain and limitations of damaged joint cartilage – without resorting to an invasive joint replacement surgery.

The procedure involves harvesting a patient’s own stem cells found in fat tissue, most often from the abdominal region. The tissue is then prepared in a cell-processing laboratory and injected into the ailing joint an hour later, using fluoroscopic guidance. Once injected, the cells can sense proteins that have been generated from cartilage damage. In response, these cells have the ability to make chondrocytes, which are the type of cells found in healthy cartilage. Then, through chondrogenesis (cartilage cell division), the damaged cartilage can be replaced with healthy cartilage tissue.

Brandt will also discuss the results he is seeing with autologous stem cell therapy and why he prefers using adipose (fat)-derived stem cells.

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For the past 15 years, Brandt has specialized in interventional pain management and is now one of the few physicians in the country to be trained in a minimally invasive technique that is helping many patients find alternatives to difficult joint replacement surgery. He is board certified by the America Board of Anesthesiology and has been a diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine.

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