Vail’s stages of the Colorado Classic revived big-time cyling here (letter) |

Vail’s stages of the Colorado Classic revived big-time cyling here (letter)

Chris Anthony

I just want to express how amazing it was to watch this community come together and bring back world class bike racing to the Vail Valley via the Colorado Classic. I understand that the street closures perhaps caused a little bit of stress and perhaps the messaging might have been a little confusing of how to get into and out of town; this, I’m sure will be adjusted in the future.

The most important thing is that we did it and returned to the roots that made Vail what it is today. World class destination investors are taking advantage of it now, but might not know the history of why we became so amazing.

Iconic athletes and outdoors people who live by passion and way of life founded Vail. Men and women who became recognizable characters by their accomplishments through either competition or world changing moments. They made Vail home and brought events into Vail’s backyard that the world awed at. People such as Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer, the Faesslers, George Gillett, Dave and Renie Gorsuch and Pete Seibert, to name only a few people that built the foundation by quality of life.

It’s these events that put Vail on the map and made us be the best that we can be. It has also put us in the crosshairs that others try to imitate. This all started by doing things for the right reasons, passion and love of lifestyle. The profits came later.

The TV coverage of the two days in Vail was impressive. Friends in Italy were able to see my home in such a unique way, and they were impressed via EuroSport and the Tour Tracker Live Feed.

If you have not had a chance to look at how Vail was highlighted, then check it out. Not only will you be impressed by the coverage but also commentators Bob Roll and Paul Sherwin wrap the story of the event into a nice package.

A final thought: I go back constantly to the days of the Coors Classic, the famous three-week bike race that ran for years in Colorado and eventually expanded to California, Nevada and even Hawaii, millions of people watched and communities supported it knowing the impact. The sport of biking exploded and so did the United States’ success in international competition.

Heroes were created. Lemond, Grewal, Phinney, Carpenter, Twigg and Hamspten are a few of the names that became mainstream. Business exploded, profits were made and most important, the impact that this had on our youth was positive. The importance of setting up events that impact our kids to live a healthier life brings out the best in all of us in the future, including our communities.

Thank you, Vail.

Chris Anthony

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