Vail’s super friendly! Thanks for great time |

Vail’s super friendly! Thanks for great time

Steve Ellison
Vail, CO. Colorado

New friends, my flight home from Denver to Miami was as peaceful a ride as I can remember. I had just spent 4 magical days on the slopes (can any other word describe fresh powder in late March?) and 3 entertaining nights in my new home town, Vail.

Although I am as nervous of leaving out important influencers of my blissful sojourn as an Oscar winner, I want to thank a few for their specific contribution.

Mike “Mikey” Scola of Russell’s served me a filet so tender as to reduce the knife to a mere prop. Reduced to resting silently, untouched at the side of my plate, mocked by the triumphantly smug fork.

Jess, Mar and the crew at The George served well-needed beverages at the end of the day bombing down your pristine mountain.

Joel B and his ever-present tie at Samana. The quintessential hip cat mixologist was spot on in helping me and my pals put a cap on the seemingly endless stream of perfect days with equally crowning nights.

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There is also a near endless list of supporting characters, including Teddy, Lisa, Perpetua, the bevy of beautiful ladies at the Cowboy Bar in Minturn, etc. Oh and Alex (the braided pigtails was definitely working for me).

These and others weaved effortlessly in and out during the my time in Vail to create a blanket of memories that will warm me until I am able to return.

Thank you, Vail. Your hospitality is sincerely appreciated in a time when indifference from locals has become the norm at so many travel destinations.

Steve Ellison

Boca Raton, Fla.

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