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Vail’s top bachelorettes

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
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EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Gentlemen, we know how hard it is to find a good woman in Vail. That’s why we did the searching for you. Over the past few weeks, the Vail Daily and TV8 have been scouring the valley to find its top five bachelorettes. We’ll be auctioning off dates with them Thursday night at the Sandbar Sports Grill in West Vail.

So without further ado, here are the winners:

Town: Edwards

Age: 32

Job: Massage therapist with Allegria Spa in Beaver Creek

Hobbies: Hiking, yoga, reading, cooking, travel

This Vermont native describes herself as a giver. Whether she’s throwing parties or cooking for friends, Kenney goes out of her way to make others happy. You won’t find this bubbly bookworm vegging out in front of the TV ” she’d much rather engage in intellectually-stimulating conversation. And if you ask really nice, maybe this massage therapist will give you a back rub.

Vail Daily: What are your dealbreakers?

Abby Kenney: I’d have to say smoking and just dependency on too much partying.

VD: What’s the sexiest body part on a man and why?

AK: I would say: the smile. It just shows the person has a sense of humor and they’re going to be a lot of fun to be around.

VD: What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?

AK: Probably going to Thailand by myself a couple years ago. I’d never been to Asia before and I went over there for six weeks to study Thai massage, so that was a big deal.

VD: What’s your ideal first date?

AK: Something outside to get the blood pumping like hiking or snowshoeing, followed by eating because I love to eat, so making dinner or going out to dinner.

VD: What qualities would your ideal boyfriend possess?

AK: Lust for life. Ambition. Kindness. Values. Somebody who values family and community.

Town: Edwards

Age: 36

Job: Executive pastry chef at Rimini in Beaver Creek and Vail

Hobbies: Running, skiing, traveling and hanging out with friends at Rimini

Got a sweet tooth? You’ll adore this pastry chef. Not only can she whip up a mean cake, she herself is easy going and humble. You might have spotted this Illinois native building a sugar skyscraper on the Food Network. When this culinary cutie isn’t busy making gelato, she can be found running marathons, cruising the slopes or cooking. Bon appetite, boys.

Vail Daily: What are your dealbreakers?

Heather Campbell: If somebody’s rude in any shape or form, I pretty much make up my mind: OK, he’s not the one. I’ve been on first dates with people and if they were snappy or rude to the wait staff or something like that, I was like: OK, it’s not going to work.

VD: What’s your ideal first date?

HC: Probably skiing because it’s something I love doing. And there’s so many guys out here that skiing and snowboarding are their world, so they’re relaxed, I’m relaxed. (There is) such beautiful terrain out here. So skiing and probably dinner at a really cool restaurant. I love Dish in Edwards. I probably go there once a week.

VD: What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

HC: My running shoes

VD: What’s the sexiest body part on a man, and why?

HC: Definitely the eyes just kill me. I really feel like if I’m talking to a good person that it’s kind of the window of their soul.

VD: What’s your coping mechanism?

HC: I’ve got really, really strong faith and I think the nicest thing about being single in your mid ’30s is that you can look back a little bit and be like, ‘Oh my God, I used to be such a spaz, the way I used to react, and I used to really rely on other people’s opinions.’ Your natural faith does just get a lot stronger… I don’t worry so much.

Town: Eagle

Age: 29

Job: Colorado properties manager with Charles E. Lakin Enterprises in Avon

Hobbies: hiking, biking, triathlons and shopping

Just because Jennifer Burkey grew up on a farm in Nebraska, doesn’t mean she dresses like it. This witty glamor girl wears 4-inch heels all year long. She’s the perfect combination of style and sport. Known to compete in triathlons, Burkey also makes the occasional sprint for department stores. “One day I can be out camping and the next day, enjoying Nordstrom,” she said.

Vail Daily: What are your dealbreakers?

Jennifer Burkey: I don’t do smoking, if they’re a smoker. And then I’m definitely interested in people that have initiative and drive. I think that’s very attractive.

VD: What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

JB: My sunglasses and S.P.F.

VD: What’s your ideal first date?

JB: I think my ideal first date, if it’s with a stranger, would be pretty casual. Maybe just a low key dinner or a coffee and then going for a walk or a hike. That way you have an opportunity to really get to know the person, actually have a conversation.

VD: What’s your coping mechanism?

JB: Shopping. That’s so embarrassing, isn’t it? But you know, a good pair of shoes make me very happy.

VD: What qualities would your ideal boyfriend possess?

JB: I think he’d be a hard worker. Definitely a great sense of humor. Spontaneous.

Town: Vail

Age: 27

Job: Inside staff supervisor with the Lionshead Childrens’ Snowsports School

Hobbies: skiing, running, yoga and reading

Amy Mihalik is the type of girl you could bring home to mom. Not only is she good with kids ” she works with them at ski school ” friends describe her as responsible. On top of that, this outgoing blonde knows how to have fun. During her time off, she enjoys skiing to the barbecue at Blue Sky on Vail Mountain. And she’s in great shape. Ask her about that marathon she ran in Oregon.

Vail Daily: What are your dealbreakers?

Amy Mihalik: He must believe in God.

VD: What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

AM: I really did have a guy check my tag and ask me if I was made in heaven. It was pretty bad.

VD: What’s the sexiest body part on a man?

AM: His back and shoulders because it lets you know that he’s strong.

VD: What’s your coping mechanism?

AM: I talk to my friends and eat ice cream.

VD: What qualities would your ideal boyfriend possess?

AM: He would have a good character. He would always take into consideration the feelings of others and he would be fun to be around.

Town: Edwards

Age: 24

Job: Landscape architect with VAg, Inc. in Avon

Hobbies: yoga, skiing, travel

By day, Amber Spitze works as a landscape architect. Off the clock, she can be found striking yoga poses or cruising the slopes. A free spirit, Spitze is always up for an adventure. “I don’t take things too seriously because I don’t think you should,” she said. “I think you should enjoy the moment.”

Vail Daily: What are your dealbreakers?

Amber Spitze: Smoking is definitely a dealbreaker. Controlling, possessive: Definitely dealbreakers.

VD: What is the sexiest body part on a man and why?

AS: I’m a really big person for teeth. I love pretty, white, straight teeth.

VD: What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

AS: ‘Do you have a dime?’ And I was like, ‘What?’ He goes: ‘I’d like to buy you a drink.’ And I go: ‘So you’re going to borrow a dime from me? A dime won’t buy you a drink for me.’ Yeah, that was the worst pickup line ever.

VD: What’s your ideal first date?

AS: …It would be one of those things where it’s really easy to get to know the person. There’s a lot of interaction and an opportunity where you could become more involved in each other. The best first date I’ve ever been on was a beer pong competition.

VD: What qualities would your ideal boyfriend possess?

AS: Caring. Loyal. He has to be funny, so just all around personable, making a person feel welcome. Compassionate. These are all so corny but it’s so true. I feel like you need someone who’s genuine with you, who can communicate how he feels.

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