Vail’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’! |

Vail’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’!

Jenny Hejtmanek
Vail, CO, Colorado

I attended the Vail Performing Arts Academy production of “Viva Las Vegas” on Sunday night and was extremely impressed by the talent demonstrated by the young performers in this fun, entertaining show!

I first want to compliment Annah Scully and Colin Meiring for their ability to bring out the best in our local youths’ musical talent in the Vail Valley. I feel it is vitally important that our youth in today’s society have a connection with a positive group be it sports, drama, music, debate, dance, school clubs.

What I saw in “Viva Las Vegas” were 68 young kids of all ages dancing, singing and having the time of their life. The entire show provided every child an opportunity to shine. I observed every dancer and singers face and realized how excited they were to be a part of such a fun show.

I was blown away with the young and upcoming vocal talent in this production. The young boys who imitated Elvis singing “Jail House Rock” not only sang incredibly well but truly delighted the audience. The choreography of the “Vogue” musical number was very impressive. The “Blue Man Group” will have a spot in Vegas in years to come. The Blue Man Group had the audience laughing and totally involved!

The entire show was fabulous. I must express my thanks to the production staff because they are the people who are behind the scenes who help make the show a success.

I hope our community continues to attend and support the Vail Performing Arts Academy’s productions.

Jenny Hejtmanek

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