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Valentine flights of fancy

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Happy anniversary to my super-G kiwi babe! Three years now of: a last-minute wedding, a bouncing baby boy, three continents, three islands, seven countries, two cruises, two trips to Disneyland, 64 hours of flying, countless miles and a world of love and memories. You're the best babe ever! I'll love you forever! Love, A Babe.

It’s Valentine’s Day, guys. Daily Staff ReportIt’s Valentine’s Day, guys. Have you bought those flowers/chocolates/trinkets for you lady love yet? Then get with it!For those of you who want a little trivia with your romance, we offer the following, courtesy of the good folks at

• The time around Valentine’s Day has a long association with various fertility festivals around the world. The Romans, for instance, set aside Feb. 15 to honor the god Lupercus, the god of fertility. After sacrificing goats and drinking a bunch of wine (what else would you do after killing a bunch of goats?), the priests of Lupercus (and, by the way, where does one sign up for the fertility god’s priesthood?) would run through the streets of Rome, touching anyone they met. Young women apparently volunteered to rub up against the skins, in the belief that doing so would improve their fertility and ease childbirth.• The Catholic Church has three saints named Valentine. Not much is known about any of them, except that all were martyrs. Victims of love, perhaps?• The association of Valentine’s Day with romantic love didn’t start until the 14th century in England and France. Men started sleeping out back with the pigs for forgetting the festival about that time. Think of that next time you’re banished to the sofa, guys.• The first mass-produced paper valentines were made in Massachusetts in 1847. That year also marked the first time an American mother said, “Haven’t you finished those valentines for the rest of the class yet?”

• China and Japan celebrate home-grown versions of Valentine’s Day. In Japan, women are obligated to give chocolate to men. Shortly after that tradition began, Japanese men started asking, “Does my butt look big?”Valentine haiku

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