Valiant attempt |

Valiant attempt

JP Kacy, Edwards, Eagle Valley Humane Society

Special thanks to Lisa and Ed Craft, who cared enough to call the Humane Society to report the cat in the first place and to all those dedicated souls who gladly volunteered days of time and energy to help (Char and Brandon Quinn, Ann and Bill Loper, Joe and Linda Sterns, and Leo Jiminez, the animal control officer who rode in the bucket up to the cat). A hearty thank you to KTUN, TV 8 and The Vail Daily who advertised relentlessly to publicize our dilemma. And thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, to Mike Scott, of A Cut Above Forestry, a cat-lover himself, who bravely scaled the tree in climbing gear to rescue our terrified furry friend, and to Webb Crane Inc., who hurried to the scene and generously offered the use of their crane and their time.

Unfortunately, the hungry, thirsty and very stressed-out kitty, who did not realize that all the commotion was intended to assist him, decided finally to take matters into his own hands. After careful deliberation, he climbed out on a branch and, when the branch broke, fell 40 feet, caught another branch and leapt 10 feet to a cliff, and ran away before anyone could catch him. If this is your cat and he has returned home, please call and let us know. Otherwise, anyone sighting a large Russian blue cat with a collar with bell attached in the Columbine Street area of East Vail, please contact the Humane Society at 328-7387 or the Animal Shelter at 328-3647. We’d love to reunite the cat with his caretaker or give him all the fresh water, tuna and loving a cat could want.

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