Valley becoming dangerous |

Valley becoming dangerous

I have been coming to this beautiful valley for the last 14 years and finally decided to move here permanently.

Things have changed a lot during this time, some for the better, others not so good. But one of the things that I’m very concerned about is the degree of vandalism, break-ins, exposures, robberies, assaults, etc. that are becoming daily occurrence, and I’m seeing no reaction from the community. We have to remember that just because it’s not happening directly to us, it is happening and one day, we or one of our family or friends will be experiencing this danger.

I am originally from Colombia, and experienced the increase in crime bit-by-bit; we did nothing to prevent the escalation from petty crime until Colombia attained its current level of violence. Since becoming a U.S. citizen more than 20 years ago, I have seen the same increase in greed and crime in this country, and it is now invading this peaceful valley.

I urge everyone who still has love for this unique country and this beautiful valley to come together with the self-respect and pride we once had so that we can continue to live with peace and security in our lives.

This country stands for freedom and some criminals are destroying that freedom by violating our rights. Please, please let’s not wait until the situation get out of our hands! There was more outrage over a flagpole at Wal-Mart than there is at the decline of the security in the valley.

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