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Valley Girl meets Valleygirl

Gabrie HigbieVail, CO Colorado
AE valleygirl1 KA 5-10-07

Naturally, the name of Avon’s newest boutique, Valleygirl, peaked my interest. I didn’t know what to expect, or really anything about this new clothing store. All I knew was that I really liked the name.

As you walk into Valleygirl Boutique, you are welcomed by the sunshine. The racks of color and variety instantly embrace you. It’s a shopper’s paradise – everywhere you look there is something to see.

The goal of the store is “to offer stylish clothes for mountain living – unique styles for our lifestyle,” said Sandy Helt, owner of the boutique. Some of the brands she carries include Miss Me & Infusion jeans. Miss Me jeans are known for being super-stylish and very contemporary without being too trendy. They fit both my booty and my waist – which is no easy feat. The best part is the Miss Me jeans price tag runs under $100, which is pretty key for jean addicts like myself. Valleygirl Boutique is a great place to update your wardrobe or revamp your existing style. While the vibe is predominantly casual, there are plenty of upscale options for work. The store stocks a variety of blazers, both short and long sleeved, as well as skirts and dresses. While the look is not corporate (thank goodness!) you can get very professional and work-appropriate attire for fair prices. But it’s not all threads: Valleygirl also offers exclusive jewelry pieces designed by Helt. Helt’s life-long dream of starting Valleygirl Boutique started as a vision many years ago, but while formulating the plans for the shop, Sandy began designing her own jewelry and she founded her jewelry line Enolia 10 years ago. With a focus on affordable, timeless styles, Sandy has created a line of jewelry that is both ethereal and classy. Her pieces are created out of both sterling silver and gold accented with a variety of freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. Sandy takes custom orders, so if don’t find what you’re looking for at the store, let her know and chances are she can design a piece just for you.As her jewelry business grew, Sandy began introducing clothing, which quickly developed a following. She chooses brands designed for a woman’s body and has focused on clothes that fit athletic bodies and kept hips in mind – what she calls “strong curves.”

“I am letting the trends guide me, but I want to bring in things that are practical,” Helt says. “I don’t want to offer one-season style.”In addition to Miss Me and Infusion jeans, Sugar Lips, July Five (from Telluride), COIN, Kay Celine, Cut Cute Couture and many others brands populate the racks and shelves. Valleygirl offers shoes from Rocket Dog and Sbicca for the summer and the store will soon expand to carry handbags. Valleygirl Boutique fills a niche that fashion conscious women of our Valley have long needed: a store with good taste and great apparel at reasonable prices. From one Valley Girl to another, I say welcome!

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