Valley in Brief: Vail Centre Leadership Academy expands its reach |

Valley in Brief: Vail Centre Leadership Academy expands its reach

EAGLE COUNTY — The Vail Centre’s Community Leadership Academy for both the public and private sectors is expanding, first to Garfield County in May, as well as special program for the Eagle County Chamber of Commerce, to be launched in September. The Leadership Academy course for the Eagle County Chamber of Commerce is designed for the private sector and will focus on small-business and entrepreneurial leadership.

“(The Community Leadership Academy) is a powerful program that is already raising up leaders in our public sector and now in our businesses throughout the valley,” Eagle Chamber of Commerce President Mick Daly said. “As a rising tide lifts all ships, so these new leaders will raise the excellence of our entire community and with it our economy and quality of life. … I look forward to being one of the first graduates of this program; there is still much to learn.”

Community Leadership Academy 100 has been a popular course within the public sector throughout Eagle County. Garfield County reached out to the Vail Centre to inquire about bringing the course to Garfield County.

“This highly respected course will give public employees in Garfield County the opportunity to enhance their leadership capabilities, creating shared language and values, as well as developing a communication and support network among Garfield County supervisors,” Garfield County Director of Human Resources Diane Hayes said.

Community Leadership Academy Project Director Angelo Fernandez said, “The Vail Centre’s approach to community leadership development comes from a tested curriculum-driven approach to education that is delivered by experts in organizational development. This combination provides the attendee with the skill development and exposure to real world case studies to drive their careers to new levels of performance and organization.”

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