Valley Voices: An economic fix to illegal immigration |

Valley Voices: An economic fix to illegal immigration

Marty Lich
Vail CO, Colorado

Here is why nothing is done to curb illegal immigration. It is a case of “follow that money.”

For example:

If illegal’s children are not enrolled in our schools, the use of the free/reduced lunch programs would be reduced, thereby reducing the need for as many cooks, as well as reducing the amount of products we purchase from the United State Department of Agriculture to subsidize these programs. Do not be fooled. This is about profit, not people.

If illegal aliens were not readily available to use the grocery store subsidized food (WIC) programs, the number of governmental staff needed to make these programs function would be reduced. This is about sustaining government employment, not babies who crave Welch’s 100-percent grape juice. (One of the WIC-approved products.)

If illegals were stopped from entering America in the first place we wouldn’t have as many jail beds needed, thus reducing the number of jail employees as well as court staff currently employed to handle the number of cases on their docket. This is about job security funded by your taxes. $20 million worth in Eagle County’s case.

Ask yourselves if you have noticed various increased costs in Colorado, such as the need to purchase uninsured motorist coverage on your vehicle. That is the insurance company’s response to a high number of unlicensed, uninsured motorists and the additional fee is common in states with a high number of illegal alien drivers who are often uninsured as well. This is about insurance companies unwilling to go broke due to reimbursing their insured drivers for these uninsured driver’s damages.

Ask yourselves if you have noticed increases in your own personal health care coverage costs. That is the health insurance industry’s response to their forced payment for the nonpaying uninsured. If they did not do this, they would suffer the same fate as the airline industry.

Ask yourselves if you have noticed the governmental cry for increased road taxes while reducing our road repairs, maintenance and upgrades each year. When a motor vehicle is driven on our roads, but is not licensed in our state, they are not paying into Colorado taxes to help cover this increased traffic load and its resultant wear-caused road damage.

So who pays? We do. John Q. Public. Not Big Business, not Big Brother, just you and I, the middle-class taxpaying families.

Are the various public aid and services system in Colorado that taxpayers finance today being bankrupted? No, but they should be. If our taxes were not increased at the same time as our services are reduced our system would be defunct.

Is the solution amnesty? The answer to that is also no. For our tax burden will increase tenfold and not because of the unwillingness of the potential naturalized citizens to work. They work and they work hard. None of us could ever say they do not. But the tax burden to American citizen families will become ever greater because of the low-income and low educational status of these workers. The average immigrant household here creates a financial burden on the state and local governments of almost $9,000 per year after taxes. The use of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) among U.S. citizens is 94 percent compared to immigrants at 5.9 percent. Granting amnesty will change the immigrant status to that of a U.S. citizen, along with the citizenship-increased benefit eligibility.

Stem, through heavy taxation, the $318 billion now sent out as remittances from America each year. For every dollar sent out of our country is one less dollar spent in our country. It is just as President Bush said with regards to his $145 billion dollar taxpayer stimulus package, that this is another way to give our economy a “shot in the arm.”

Imagine what $318 billion annually would do in offering some fiscal relief to U.S. taxpayers.

There are simple solutions as well.

Besides securing our borders with intent, we need to return to an independent self-supporting nation once again. Offer no public aid to immigrants, legal or otherwise, just as we did before President Clinton’s 1996 Welfare Reform Act. Remove the birthright citizenship that was intended to protect our slaves’ American-born children, for today American citizens have no more slaves. Allow no enrollment in our tax-supported public schools unless we charge all immigrants the full costs to educate their child(ren) each year. Two things will result. These families will self-support or they will self-deport.

For money does talk, but actions speak louder than words.

Marty Lich is a Gypsum resident. E-mail your guest column to

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