Valley Voices: Edwards is like NYC " and I like it! |

Valley Voices: Edwards is like NYC " and I like it!

Meryl Mason
Vail CO, Colorado

Ahh, the Riverwalk in Edwards, my mini-Manhattan. Yes, the reason why I live here, after my husband was transferred to the Vail Valley from New York City, is because it is the only location in the “middle of nowhere,” that I could actually feel like I still lived in “the city.”

It’s funny how a place that is so small in size could have so many of the same qualities as my beloved NYC. The following are observations of the sights and sounds from our loft in the Quartz Building.

– Every morning the same customers show up for their morning coffee at Starbucks, same people, dogs and cars, same timing Monday through Friday.

– The trash dumpsters are emptied each and every day around 6 a.m. by the Vail Honey Wagon/Waste Management people. As we all know there is a constant fight over the noise factor that this causes, but for a New Yorker like me it’s a welcome sound of “the city.”

– Neighbors ” in the city you rarely know your neighbors, but see them through there windows across the street or avenue. Here in the Riverwalk, it’s the same way of life. Our neighbors across in the next building (the Amber building) have big windows just like us. Everyone can see what the others are doing yet, we don’t know each other. Yes, I am talking to you, the man who irons all his clothes in his window once a week. We are watching you!

– We have an abundance of quaint restaurants, a bookstore, clothing stores, a market, banks and a gym, all within walking distance. This is a plus considering the price of fuel. In New York City, there is no need to own a car. Walking is the best mode of transportation, which is the way it is here in the Riverwalk as well.

– Our local security officer fights crime like Chief Raymond Kelley of the New York Police Department. He is so efficient when it comes to relocating the groups of kids who like to skateboard in the Riverwalk. He just reminds them about the beautiful Edwards Skate Park just across the Eagle River.

– Central Park? No problem, we’ve got Freedom Park right in our backyard!

The only thing we are missing is the local vendor selling hot dogs and pretzels on the street corner.

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