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Valued worker

Mark Bauerlein

This letter is in defense of the opinion held by 3Despondent Jo in Avon, and is directed toward Mr. Wutsch from San Diego, Calif..Speaking from a position of authority, and as a direct superior of Ms. Cussen, I would like Mr. Wutsch to know that I am the person who 3… thought Ms. Cussen was a good Ofit1 for her on-mountain, front line, burger-flipping position …, and I am responsible as well for evaluating her work performance and I am the one who 3coaches her on-the-job performance.I would like to inform Mr. Wutsch that Ms. Cussen IS A VALUED EMPLOYEE. Her pleasant demeanor, courteous attitude, and tireless work ethic make her an OUTSTANDING employee<just the kind of employee we want working for us! So when Mr. Wutsch implies 3total lack of understanding of what true customer service is …, he is totally incorrect.While it is true that Mr. Wutsch deserves professional, courteous service when he is visiting Vail (doesn1t everyone?) he seems to think that because Ms. Cussen is serving customers, she is above the same treatment herself. True respect flows in both directions, and if Ms. Cussen has come to the conclusion that people can be rude customers sometimes, well certainly she is entitled to her opinion<and it1s one that is shared by many people who live and work in this valley year-round, not just seasonal employees.Let1s face it: We are living in a society where common courtesy is, in fact, all too uncommon.Is Ms. Cussen wrong for wanting people to be nice to her? Of course not! It was her misfortune to be raised by people who taught her to say 3please and 3thank you, three words that get a little harder to say when you don1t hear them very often.Mark BauerleinAiming for jamboreeMy name is Rudy Olin. I1m a Boy Scout in Eagle Troop 222. I will be attending the World Jamboree in 2002-03 in Thailand. I will be exposed to different countries1 cultures from around the world. I will spend time touring the ancient temples and buildings of the area. In addition, I will be making friends from around the globe and trading patches and other memorabilia from our countries. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity which I will cherish for the rest of my life.I have been a Scout for seven years and have earned the rank of Star Scout. I am currently the troop historian and patrol leader, and I have completed junior leader training. I earned the Religious Emblem, and have 22 merit badges so far. It is my goal to be an Eagle Scout by the time I go to World Jamboree.The cost for me to go to World Jamboree is $4,100. Last summer, I earned part of my way by working for Eagle County Youth Conservation Corps, helping to make our community a better place to be. I plan to work for them again next summer. I also helped clean City Market1s parking lot, and plan to save babysitting money toward World Jamboree. I was wondering if you would be willing to help sponsor my trip by donating money to help me go, or if your business has any projects I can do that you would be willing to pay me for. Donations can be made payable to:Rudy Olin World Jamboree Fundc/o Boy Scout Troop 222P.O. Box 1308Eagle, CO 81631If you need to contact me, call 328-9892, or e-mail me at appreciate any assistance you might give me.Rudy OlinEagleThanks for kindnessI want to thank all of my friends and co-workers for their tremendous and thoughtful support during my recent surgery. I1m recovering well and feeling terrific.I am truly blessed to live in such a special community. I want to particularly thank the Mt. of Holy Cross Lutheran Church for their generous assistance.Sherrie TaylorVail

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