Vandalism reported at Edwards fieldhouse |

Vandalism reported at Edwards fieldhouse

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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EDWARDS, Colorado – An employee with Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District reported several acts of vandalism that occurred at the WECMRD complex in Edwards between Oct. 27 and Nov. 1.

The employee said a large smiley face was cut into the net of a soccer goal and mirrors were broken in the bathroom in addition to graffiti.

The employee said that on Oct. 28 he told three teenage boys that they had to leave the building because it was closing. The boys argued with him and gave him a hard time. He told a deputy that he would forward the names of the boys to her so they could be questioned.

However, there was a soccer tournament Oct. 30 and the employee thought the damage happened after that.

More than a dance-off

EDWARDS – A deputy received a report of a fight at an Edwards bar Nov. 7 and interviewed one of the women involved, who had gone to the Avon police station to make the report.

The 40-year-old woman had scratches on her face, neck, chest, left arm and shoulder. The woman also appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

The woman said she went to the bar with her boyfriend to dance. At one point she saw a 22-year-old woman who has had problems with her daughter – there is a restraining order between the two. The 40-year-old woman said she continued to dance until the 22-year-old came up behind her on the dance floor, pulled her hair, turned her around, punched her in the stomach and slapped her face. She said the woman kept scratching and cursing at her, saying, “Did you look at me? I’m gonna get you.” The 40-year-old said she defended herself by pushing her attacker to the floor, then several people pulled them away from each other. The owner of the bar told them to leave because he didn’t want trouble. After that, the 40-year-old said she and her boyfriend went directly to the police.

Later on, the 22-year-old woman came to deputies with her side of the story. She said the older woman purposely bumped or pushed her while she was dancing and told her to watch out. The 22-year-old said the woman then grabbed her hair, hit her and bit her on the right breast. She said the woman’s boyfriend slapped her after they had been separated. The 22-year-old showed her injuries to a deputy, who noted a small bruise on her right shoulder and a bite mark on her right breast. The 22-year-old said she waited to make the report because she didn’t want the bar owner to have trouble.

The deputy followed up with the 40-year-old, who denied biting the woman’s breast and said the woman has inflicted injuries on herself in the past to create stories.

The officer wasn’t able to contact the 40-year-old’s boyfriend immediately and cited both women for assault and disorderly conduct.

Revved up to go to jail

EDWARDS – A deputy attempted to pull a car over for speeding on Highway 6 near Edwards on Nov. 5 when the driver tried to elude her by switching off the car’s tail lights. The officer advised another deputy to respond to her location, as the car had “blacked out” and she believed the driver was trying to get away.

The car’s right-turn signal activated as it approached Miller Ranch Road. The car over-corrected to the right and then the left before slowing down and pulling off the road.

Due to the nature of the stop, the deputy waited for backup before she approached the car. She then went to the driver’s side while the other deputies covered the passenger side.

The 23-year-old driver had his window down and the deputy noticed a strong odor of alcohol inside the vehicle. She told all the people in the car to keep their hands visible. The driver had bloodshot, watery eyes and had urinated.

The deputy asked the driver why he didn’t pull over when he saw her lights. He said he did pull over. The officer asked if he had identification and he said yes, started to reach into his pocket and then said he left his wallet at home. When asked who the car belonged to, he said his cousin.

During questioning, the man looked over his shoulder as the other deputies removed the passengers from the vehicle. The officer told him to focus on her questions but he wouldn’t comply. He dropped his left hand out of sight and stared forward without acknowledging the officer’s directions. The deputy considered these actions to be passive resistance. She told the man to put his hands on the steering wheel and shut the car off. The man gripped the wheel with his left hand, his right hand lowered to the ignition then to the gear shift. The deputy shouted, “Shut the car off!” several times then yelled, “He’s going!”

The car lunged forward and the deputy reached through the window with her left arm, dropping her flashlight onto the floorboard as she tried to pull the driver out of the car. Another officer entered the front passenger seat, restrained the driver’s right hand and pushed his head toward the window. The car’s engine revved loudly during the struggle as the officers forced the man from his seat, out the door and onto the ground, where he continued to resist. Two Colorado State Patrolmen responded to the scene and assisted in subduing the man.

The vehicle’s passengers consisted of three 18-year-olds and two minors.

One of the passengers said he didn’t know the driver but his friends were already in the car when he picked him up at Lake Creek Village Apartments. He could tell the driver had been drinking but didn’t see him drink in the car. They were going to a friend’s house in Avon when the passenger told the driver to pull over because he saw police lights behind them. The driver told the passenger “they weren’t for him.” The passenger didn’t know why the man didn’t stop.

Meanwhile the subdued driver lost consciousness and officers performed a sternum rub to wake him up. An ambulance was called and the man was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center. An emergency room doctor there noted the man had a high alcohol content in his breath. The man’s wallet was also found in his pants pocket.

At the roadside scene, other deputies and officers arrived to assist. They found marijuana inside the car and one of the passengers told them the driver had offered him a prescription drug tablet.

The car was going to be impounded but a passer-by recognized the car and contacted the owner. The car’s owner arrived at the scene. She said the driver was her brother. She didn’t know he didn’t have a driver’s license and thought he had borrowed her car to go to the store. The deputies allowed her to leave with her car.

Later on, deputies reviewed video of the incident and saw that the driver’s head hit the ground as he was pulled from the vehicle. They also requested an arrest warrant for the driver on charges of child abuse, reckless endangerment, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, resisting arrest, obstruction of a police officer, driving without a license, vehicular eluding, weaving and speeding.

Sticky fingers

EAGLE – After reviewing security footage from the Nearly Everything Store, staff uncovered a shoplifting incident two and one-half weeks after it occurred.

The suspect in the case entered the store Oct. 11 with his family and took a backpack off a shelf. He placed a pair of gloves inside the pack and then went to the back of the store to try on sunglasses. The tape then showed him placing the glasses on top of the hat he was wearing.

The tape then showed the man taking his items to the front register. The gloves were discovered in the pack and the man paid for them but he left the store without paying for the sunglasses. In interviews with staff at the store, two workers identified the suspect on the videotape.

When Eagle Police contacted the man, he initially denied taking anything from the store. However, the officer noted he was wearing the same hat as the suspect on the videotape and a pair of sunglasses of the brand sold at the store were resting on top of the hat.

When the officer noted there was video evidence of the alleged theft, the man admitted he took the sunglasses without paying for them. He could not offer a reason for the theft, but stated it “was not good FOR him to take the glasses.”

He was cited for theft.

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