Vandals trash Gypsum home |

Vandals trash Gypsum home

J.K. Perry

GYPSUM ” A Gypsum homeowner repainted his vandalized door, and the following day started cleaning again when the door was redecorated with silly string, frosting and eggs, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s report.

There was no damage but vandals sprayed silly string in a swirl pattern on the door, coated the handle in frosting and bounced eggs off the door.

Some neighbor kids reported seeing several high school teenagers in black hoodies walking along the street the same day of the vandalism. The teenagers sprayed silly string in the kids’ yard, but the kids ran off the teenagers.

That vandalism occurred Nov. 8, nearly two months after the first attack.

The case is closed due to a lack of leads.

EDWARDS ” A crank caller left several insulting messages for an Edwards man who supposedly owed the caller money, according to a Sheriff’s report.

On Sept. 1, the man reported the caller to a deputy, who warned the caller not to contact the man. The calls stopped for two weeks, but then resumed.

For several weeks leading up to Nov. 13, the caller left four to five messages per day on the man’s phone. The caller insulted the man with racial and sexual slurs and said he wanted to collect money owed to him.

The caller went to the man’s house on Nov. 13, when the man again called a deputy. The deputy spoke to the caller, who apologized for the calls and mentioned several court cases he was involved with concerning money.

The deputy ticketed the man for harassment.

EAGLE ” A $470 Ruger handgun along with two fully-loaded clips and a holster disappeared from an Eagle man’s home sometime last week, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The man cleaned the gun two days before he found it missing on Nov. 9. On Oct. 30, the man got into an argument outside his house with a woman ” residence unknown ” about her own gun, which she claimed the man had in his home.

The same day, the man found someone went into his home while he was gone but nothing was missing. The man suspected the woman went in, and when the gun turned up missing on Nov. 9, he felt the theft was suspiciously coincidental to the argument he had with the woman.

The woman told a deputy the man had her gun for safe keeping, so she went to retrieve it. She later found an attorney actually had her gun. The woman denied ever being in the man’s house or stealing his gun. Deputies closed the case for lack of leads.

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