Vandals trash Park City home in especially disturbing attack |

Vandals trash Park City home in especially disturbing attack

by Jay Hamburger / THE PARK RECORD

Vandals broke into a house in Thaynes Canyon last weekend and trashed the place in an especially disturbing attack that left a glass door in shatters, overturned furniture, obscene graffiti, destroyed electronics and water damage.

The house early in the week remained largely in the same condition as it was when the vandals left. The open living room and kitchen appeared as if they were upended by some sort of natural disaster. A couch remained upside down with furnishings strewn about the room. A microwave oven was destroyed and the window on a regular oven was smashed with the glass still on the ground. A television appeared to have been struck approximately 10 times with some sort of blunt object. The vandals also struck a computer screen repeatedly.

Halloween decorations like a fake skeleton were on the ground in pieces. Bottles of wine were also left in pieces. Two sinks were plugged and the water was left running while a toilet was plugged as well. The vandals threw barbells from the second floor onto a countertop made of quartz. They slashed mattresses and sheets. There were puncture holes in the wall. Some of the graffiti was vulgar, and there was at least one racial epithet left on a wall.

“This was a sustained rage of perhaps an hour they were tearing things up,” said Krista Dana, the homeowner and an adjunct college professor in organizational sociology, adding, “It was not just a fist through a wall or a rock through a window.”

Dana said family members — herself, her husband and their 10-year-old son – were out of town at the time. The perpetrators entered the house at between 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturday, breaking the glass on a door to get inside, she said. The door has since been boarded up. One nearby broken window was also covered with a board by Tuesday.

She said jewelry was not taken and they did not take the electronics. They rummaged through bathroom drawers, Dana said, surmising they were searching for prescription medicines to take.

“They weren’t trying to steal anything. That’s not what’s missing in their life. Who comes in and systematically bashes all the light switches,” Dana said.

Dana said the floors will need to be redone and drywall replaced. She anticipates the family will have to move out of the house for a month as repairs are made.

A damage estimate was not immediately available.

The Park City Police Department contacted her about the break-in. Dana said nothing was missing from the residence. She said the family has lived in the house for 3 1/2 years without problems.

Dana said there is an emphasis on excellence in Park City and she described that youngsters in the community are encouraged to strive to be at the top of their field. They realize in their teen years they likely will not become, as an example, an Olympic champion, Dana said. She said some youngsters thrive in Park City, but “there is a small group we lose along the way.”

“Generalized anger. It wasn’t targeted at me specifically or my family specifically,” she said, adding, “You’ve got this combination of privilege and expectations.”

Dana said, though, she has been “uplifted” by the support and assistance of friends and neighbors since the vandalism.

The Police Department said the suspects were captured as a result of an officer patrolling a nearby street. The officer saw two people described as suspicious and heard the sound of glass breaking. The two ran away when the officer approached. The officer caught one of them and took the person into custody. A police dog was called to search for the other suspect. The police said the dog led to the second suspect’s home, where that person was taken into custody and the parents notified. The police said the investigation alerted them to the scene at Dana’s home.

The police said both of the suspects are boys younger than 18 years old. They were referred to juvenile court on criminal mischief and other counts, according to the Police Department.

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