VCHS – one in spirit, many in service |

VCHS – one in spirit, many in service

Rachel Glandorf

How often can a senior class come together to perform a dance in front of the entire student body, agree to disagree after an intense political debate and still put on an elegant dinner for more than 100 people? The answer is only once.

Our senior class of 2005 here at Vail Christian High School is made up of 14 extremely diverse individuals who have come together to accomplish incredible things in a number of situations. Consistent motivation, extraordinary friendship, and admirable accomplishments are what make up this unique class.

It is understood that underclassmen look up to senior students, and our goal has been to set a standard of excellence in everything that we do, not only for our personal interests, but for the sake of VCHS. While we have made our share of mistakes along the way, we have done our best to learn from them with growth and maturity. Our list of goals has been achieved in many ways through the great motivation anyone can see in our class every day.

Friendship is always something to look back on in high school. The closeness of our class has not only caused us to challenge each other but to gain respect for one another. We have formed relationships with classmates we never would have had anywhere else. It is important to build strong relationships in high school, and when every single person in a class can be included in this journey, it makes for such a great experience. In fact, we would rather go to homecoming and prom dinner as a class because we have such a blast together!

When a group of students can work so well as a whole, why not use that bond to help others and make a difference? We’ve recognized what an opportunity we have to share what we learned and continue to make every effort to spread this passion. As the four-time undefeated champions of homecoming spirit week, we capitalized on the pride that we have as a class and took the opportunity to show what can be done when people work together to accomplish a goal. Not only have we tried to make a difference at VCHS, but also in the community. Deciding to go to Costa Rica for a mission trip brought a lot of responsibility and hard work, but we knew that it was something we should do. After days of working for Cordillera and the Youth Conservation Corps, as well as putting on a successful, elegant dinner for more than 100 guests, we were able to go to Costa Rica and serve there. We spent time with children of all ages, worked on construction projects and performed programs for different churches. Most importantly we were given the opportunity to share God’s love and gain a huge appreciation for what we have, while learning so many things along the way.

One would assume that the only reason we could do any of this is because we all have so much in common and are so much alike. Fortunately, that is not the case. This group of individuals is so unique in the fact that we can come together and do remarkable things because of our differences. Thanks, VCHS, for giving us the opportunity to grow as a group and as individuals ” our goal was to make a difference.

Vail Colorado

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