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Vegetarian bandwagon

Victor Durham

Mintel Consumer Intelligence projects a 100-125 percent annual growth rate for the $1.25 billion vegetarian food market, as an estimated 25 percent of consumers use meat alternatives for at least some of their meals. What’s even more encouraging is that Teenage Research Unlimited found nearly 25 percent of adolescents considering vegetarian diets “cool.”

Consequently, traditional animal product purveyors like ConAgra, Kraft, General Mills, and Dean Foods are launching their own lines of meat and dairy alternatives, now available in every supermarket. McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food chains are jumping on the vegetarian bandwagon with veggie burgers, as many major ballparks offer soy dogs.

The national trend toward wholesome, nonviolent plant-based eating is clear. What is terribly unclear is why 1.3 million Americans still have to suffer and die each year from heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other killer diseases that have been linked conclusively with consumption of animal products.

The only effective long-term solution to this national tragedy is to act on the unanimous recommendations of leading health authorities and to replace meat and dairy products in our diet with wholesome grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Let’s make tomorrow the first day of the rest of our long and healthy life.

Victor Durham

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America needs heros!

Parents, teachers, sales managers and coaches of all kinds still enthusiastically quote Winston Churchill’s speech when he instructed his young listeners to “never give in, never give in, never, never, never …”

Steve Fossett had a dream. When he first tried to circumvent the earth in his hot air balloon and failed, he got up and tried again. And again. And again.

He has showed us the truth of the Japanese proverb that says, “Fall seven times, get up eight.” Steve did what Thomas Edison, Abe Lincoln, the Wright brothers and thousands of other successful Americans have done. He believed in his dream and didn’t give up.

In these days when rock stars are indicted after videotaping sex with a child, when star athletes are arrested for drug abuse and attempted murder, when our policemen lose it and beat our citizens, and when corporate CEOs to whom we have entrusted our funds deceive, steal and destroy futures, we can still point to a true role model. Thanks, Steve.

Carolyn Swanepoel


Thanks for efforts

To Little League coaches, sponsors and umpires:

The Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District and the Eagle Valley Little League would like to thank Pierre Leblanc, Curtis Leblanc, Steve Johnson, Dan Siefers, Bernie Cooper, John Ramunno, Nancy Fricker, George and Andrea Hudspeth, Steve Jaramillo, Jesse Meryhew, Todd Ellsworth, Bob Senn, Rob Beard, Rich VanDyke, Deb Jordan, Mike Lundblade, Paul Sabo.

Robert Ellsworth, Amos Hatfield, Rick Cook, Jim Libertini, R.G. Jacobs, John Friestad, Stan McClintock, Ed Coulter, Les Ware, Steve Whitehead, Fabian Lopez, Mike Mansfield, Kevin Brubeck, Bob Cohen, Mike Glass, Roger Pack, Dave Pieterack, Charlie Cuno, Chris Meister.

Gordon Adams, Dan Moore, Brett Lich, Tim Stansell, Ron Sieg, Larry Cavanaugh, Paul Hernandez, Carol Sieg, Diana Baker, Jim Carreon, Kelly Haney, Tim McMichael, Rick Huffman, Dick Lindow, Don Mathison, Bill Britt, Will Comerford, Kenny Rose, Kevin Roach, Bill Johnson, Mark Strakbein, Jerry Phillips, Dick Hicks, Lori Brown, Matt Jones and all of the assistant coaches.

Also a very special thanks to all of the moms and dads who volunteered their time throughout the season, and supported their respective teams.

Thank you to all of the local businesses who sponsored a Little League team or donated to the Little League General Fund this year, River Dance RV Resort, Copy Plus, Susan Kraemer and Dream Catcher Real Estate, Wild Horse Bistro, Johnson Kunkel and Associates, Webb Crane, Cordillera.

The Kuttin Korner, Alpine Laser Clinic, Corky’s Gas and Car Wash, Classic Marble and Tile, Avalanche Plumbing and Heating, A.W. Interiors, Elam Construction, Native Electric, American Gypsum, Red Mountain Ranch.

All Valley Construction, Rocky Mountain Repographics, Valley View Hospital, Mesa National Bank, Castle Peak Automotive Center, Bedrock Construction, Wiemer’s Heating and Sheetmetal, the Landscape Workshop, ASP-Eagle, Alpine Self Storage, Just Cuts Plus.

Kemp and Company Construction and Pipe Supply, Heartwood Custom Woodworks, Western Slope Plastering, Hill Construction, Horizon Roofing, Boyz Toyz and Sonz, Alpine Bank, Denver Cardiology-Vail, French Electric, Ewing Trucking and Construction, Joe’s Wallboard and Supply, Kidtopia.

Rod’s Painting, VTP, Eagle Pharmacy, Prestige Cleaners, Stockman’s Land Exchange, The Gallegos Corporation, Specialized Pool and Spa Services, Huffman Painting, Comerford Insurance, and Mick Kelly with Black Bear Real Estate.

WECMRD and the Eagle Valley Little League would also like to thank Jose Meza, Andy Johnson, David Hernandez, Jason Leniger, Micah Bernhardt, Chelsey Lindow, Craig Jagger, Gary Green, Robert Ellsworth, Tom Riedel, Bill Beasley, Joe Vacca, Bill Johnson, Travis Hansbarger, Chris Pitman, Steve Sekelik and Greg Propernick for their time as umpires, and Raenette Johnson for running the concession stand during the All Star Tournament.

This year there were 504 boys and girls on 40 Little League teams. The youth of our communities who participated in the 2002 Little League program all benefited from your time, knowledge, enthusiasm and patience. Thank you all again for an outstanding year.

Scott Ruff


Eagle Valley Little League

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