Versatile vocals visit the Half Moon |

Versatile vocals visit the Half Moon

Andrew Harley
Special to the DailyThe Meek bring their eclectic blend of tunes to Half Moon Saloon today in West Vail at 10 p.m.

The Meek offers a relative break – with tunes rooted in songwriting – from the high concentration of improvisational-based bands in the valley.Guitarist and vocalist Tami Gosnel, lead guitarist Matt “Shmoo” Shimala, bassist Jeremy Newman and drummer Leo Spaziani start the jam tonight at Half Moon Saloon in West Vail at 10 p.m.The band’s sound has been described as melodically-aggressive acoustic rock.”We’re all over the place, from country to punk rock,” said Gosnel. “We play timeless rock covers and originals.”Among the more than 60 originals Gosnel’s written is The Meek’s pop hit, “Only a Memory,” which was critiqued at the Songwriters’ Expo last year in Durango.Gosnel’s newest composition is dedicated to a friend who was in a head-on accident with another car.Shimala wrote the band’s newest original favorite, “This House.”Other originals include “Yellow #5” and “Women are Evil,” which Gosnel wrote after receiving a letter from a friend who professed his love for her and felt blown off.Gosnel used the voice in the letter to write “Women are Evil.””I’m a small girl, and my voice tends to be a lot taller than I am,” said Gosnel.Gosnel’s varied vocal impersonations include Robert Plant, Janis Joplin, Sheryl Crow and she also does some rapping when the band covers House of Pain’s “Jump Around.””People usually get into our shows,” said Gosnel. “When they see a white girl rap they get really excited.”The Meek’s last tour took them through Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, which inspired the band to deem it “The Children of the Corn Tour.” The band returned from the tour on Dec. 29.”We named the tour that because Jeremy, the bass player, reminds me of Malachai (a character from the film, “Children of the Corn”),” said Gosnel.Gosnel listed The Meek’s show in North Platte, Neb., as the best show of the tour because it drew 300 people.”We had people as old as 65 and as young as 21,” said Gosnel. “We usually draw a diverse crowd of people young to old and everybody’s entertained. But, North Platte was probably the best show we ever had.”The Meek took an ADAT, a digital recording machine, with them on the tour and now has four shows worth of live material to begin its first album with.Gosnell has been affiliated with a series of groups in the region. Last year, she won 8150’s Battle of the Bands with her group, OneHandDry.Newman toured the Midwest with his former band, Stil Gravy.Shimala, of Karm & Shmoo Experience fame, is a former member of Whister Poop.Spaziani played with Tongue in Groove, recorded albums with Ian Faith, played with the Dave Wild Quartet and has filled in for Flux on a consistent basis.”I’ve been playing around here for a long time, and I finally found these guys,” said Gosnel.The Meek perform at Half Moon Saloon today at 10 p.m.InheritanceWhat: The MeekWhen: Today, 10 p.m.Where: Half Moon Saloon, West VailAndrew Harley can be contacted at (970) 949-0555 ext. 608 or at

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