Very lucky Denver cat starts new life as ‘Lexus Obama’ |

Very lucky Denver cat starts new life as ‘Lexus Obama’

Jean Torkelson
Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado – On election day he was just another tabby cat, using up several of his nine lives as he dashed across downtown Denver traffic.

Before the day ended, he was a very lucky tabby cat with a historic second name.

OK, take a guess.

“Lexus Obama” came into Marrianne and Andy Rizzuto’s lives just the way they thought he would ” by surprise. When the Rizzutos lost their beloved cat Dante Monia de Gato III last summer to a fox’s jaws, they didn’t have the heart to replace him.

Then, on election day, at the Lexus dealership where Rizzuto works, a kitty was found crying under one of the new cars. He had been seen skirting traffic that day, and it seemed a miracle he survived. Somebody suggested he belonged with the Rizzutos, who love cats.

The couple also love the president-elect, and hope he’ll be a center of conversation for the next eight years. So, figured Marrianne Rizzuto, “We couldn’t call the cat ‘Obama’ as a first name, because we’d get too confused in the years to come.”

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