Vet: Denver Hippo died from weight |

Vet: Denver Hippo died from weight

DENVER, Colorado ” The death last fall of a 6-year-old hippopotamus from the Denver Zoo is being blamed on the hippo’s own weight of 3,200 pounds.

The hippo, named Hazina, died October 27th, soon after a 29-hour truck ride to The Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada.

A report released Tuesday by Canada zoo veterinarian Dr. Jacques Dancosse said the animal’s weight led to an oxygen and nutrient deprivation in her muscles, prompting a fatal chemical reaction. Dancosse said no one saw Hazina stand up for nearly 29 hours, and her hind legs were likely under extreme pressure the entire time.

Dancosse said Hazina’s death was an accident but recommended changes for future zoo-to-zoo transfers, including a recommendation that a zoo worker travel with the animal.

Information from: The Denver Post,

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