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Dr. Ron Gurber and Titus.

Ron Gruber grew up eating pizza, watching his father perform veterinary surgeries. His 6-year-old does the same thing now. Dr. Gruber has a place to perform operations ” and will soon build a bigger one ” but for the most part he visits his patients in their homes. “It’s more personal, you get to know the people and the animals better,” he says. Gruber is an earnest vet. He doesn’t hesitate to double check a diagnosis, but his gut is good. “Raising my family in the valley and having a job here is a great privilege.” he says. “We love it here.”

This being Colorado, it’s dog country. And any sane person owns a cat. So it stands to reason there’s a powerful need for veterinarians such as Sheila Fitzpatrick of Mountain Mobile Vet and Julie Hunter, Denny Simonton, Stephen Conlin and Renee Rumrill of Castle Peak Veterinary Service in Eagle.

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