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Vetting personal trainers

Claire MartinThe Denver PostVAIL CO, Colorado
Student, Deena Christy, 61, right, from Letts, Iowa, works with National Personal Training Institute of Colorado instructor, Shawn Agnew, center, on analyzing fellow student, Ashli Bradley, left, during a push-up test April 4th, 2013 at the Institute in Lakewood Colorado April 4th, 2013. Both Christy and Bradley are learning to become personal trainers, Christy wants to work with obese children and Bradley would like to work as a personal trainer for a cruise line. (Photo By Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

When Deena Christy decided to become a personal trainer, she first figured she’d get the training online.She paid the fee, did some of the course work, and then just stopped.”I paid $500 for a class I never completed,” Christy said.She is a former teacher and longtime landscaping business owner who decided to make a career change just a few months shy of her 62nd birthday. She is fit, with strawberry-blond hair and a direct, no-nonsense attitude that should serve her well when she starts working with aging baby boomers and overweight children.”So I came here to Colorado to take this course, because I need to be immersed in this to succeed at my goal,” Christy said.Read more:

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