Vicarious waterfall drops and walks across continents |

Vicarious waterfall drops and walks across continents

Shauna Farnell
Special to the DailyFlyfishing season is underway in "The Hatch," a 17-minute film that will be presented in the block beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday during the Beaver Creek Film Festival at the Vilar Center. Filmmaker Ben Knight of Telluride will be on hand for a discussion following his film.

BEAVER CREEK – Adventure is something we all have in our souls, and it surfaces in various forms – for some, in reality of extreme sport participation and for others, entirely vicariously. Both real-life adventurers and full-time spectators will be swept away in the Beaver Creek Film Festival this weekend. The festival is taking a turn toward its roots in presenting the best of the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival. “We’re going to travel all around the world with these films,” said Beaver Creek Film Festival moderator Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, a nationally award-winning poet from Telluride who has visited the Vail Valley for the Festival of Words as well as presented the first ever Beaver Creek featuring Telluride Film Festival four years ago.”I promise people will be taken away,” Trommer said of this weekend’s selections. “There’s lots of adventure – base jumping, a first descent kayak documentary in the Sierra Nevadas, surfing on the Amazon, climbing Everest. I promise they’ll be entranced.””Daughters of Everest” documents the lives of female Sherpas, while “Falling” and “Middle Kaweah” are films about extreme kayaking. “Alone Across Australia” is the tale of one man’s walk across the country and the adventures he encountered there, while “The Monkey Prince” takes place in India and is a wildlife study following the life of one monkey’s trials and triumphs.”It follows the life of one particular monkey as he’s trying to survive in a sometimes hostile environment,” Trommer said. “I totally weep at the end of it. It’s almost impossible to get up and talk afterwards.”The Telluride Mountainfilm Festival began 27 years ago with a focus on climbing documentaries and has expanded to include other portraits of the environment, global landscapes and outdoor adventure. The festival on tour is making 93 stops this year, and in addition to its U.S. presentations, has visited venues in Chile, Norway and Tanzania.”We customize our playlist for each venue,” said Ashley Boling, director of Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour. “We still get some of the action-adventure – hangliding, ice climbing. We try to mix it up. There’s always going to be a kayaker in the audience who wants to see all kayaking, or a base jumper who wants to watch base jumping for two hours. I put in some shows that have had a really good response over the last three years.”For the last two years in Beaver Creek, festival organizers from the Vail Symposium have delivered films from the Toronto Film Fest, featuring everything from artistic French romance comedies to short fictitious films about misguided anger. The selection from Telluride will serve up a whole different roast for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers who like to keep their experiences one-dimensional (on-screen only). “It is a whole different package,” said Vail Symposium director Ebby Pinson of this year’s resurgence of the Telluride line-up. “It’s more about the environment, culture and landscapes. A lot of people up here live vicariously through these kinds of experiences.”The bubbles we know

It takes one mountain town to know another, or at least to share a similar fascination with travel, adventure and chairlift-driven soliloquies (as portrayed in “Solilochairliftquist,” a 4-minute film about being stuck on a chairlift). Anyone impressed with Documentary Channel features will get a glimpse into the inspiration and filming of such thanks to a guest appearance by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Carol Fleischer, whose range of accomplishments and subject matter include “The Secret White House Tapes,” “Why Dogs Smile & Chimpanzees Cry,” and “Papa Bear” – her Beaver Creek offering depicting the approach and methods of controversial black bear researcher and naturalist Ben Kilman. Fleischer will speak at the festival as well as filmmakers Ben Knight (“The Hatch”), and James Brundige (“Wild for Good”).”Not only do we appeal to audiences who have experiences with these places and experiences, we also appeal to people who would never go to Nepal, who would never go extreme kayaking. Just to get a taste of it. Just to have a window into that world,” Trommer said. “I, for example, am never going to take my kayak over a waterfall. But you don’t have to be a kayaker to watch ‘Falling.’ It’s stunning. The cinematography makes the kayak and water dance on screen in a way that you’d never be able to experience even if you were out there kayaking. You wouldn’t have the luxury of focusing on the color of the water or the thousands of bubbles.”2005 Beaver Creek Film FestivalFeatures the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival On Tour today and Saturday at the Vilar Center of the Arts in Beaver Creek.Tickets are $25 for an all-film package, or $8 for each two-hour session. The kickoff party is $35 and the Saturday picnic and hike is $20. For tickets or more info, call 476-0954Festival schedule Friday3 – 5 p.m. “Clark, The Canadian Hockey Goalie” – sports/hockey, 8 minutes”Daughters of Everest” – expedition/culture, 56 minutes

“EXtreme Tramping” – adventure/humor, 7 minutes”I Need To Catch A Fish” – human interest, 11 minutes”Adios” – culture, 3 minutes 5:15 – 6:45 p.m. Beaver Creek Film Festival Kick-Off Reception Beaver Creek Chop House/Reservations Required 7- 9 p.m. “Falling” – kayaking, 5 minutes”Psicobloc” – climbing, 8 minutes”Papa Bear” – wildlife, 52 minutes”Diary of A Flagger” – human interest/snowmass, 11 minutes

“I Sona Su La Torns” – climbing/culture, 9 minutes9:15 – 11 p.m. “Out of Ophirica” – scenics/avalanche, 5 minutes”The Monkey Prince” – wildlife, 52 minutes”Middle Kaweah” – kayaking, 22 minutes”L’Esprit De La Couple Icare” – paragliding, culture, 10 minutes Saturday11a.m – 1 p.m.: Mountain Hike and Picnic with Filmakers, Beaver Creek/reservations required3 – 5 p.m.:

“The Great Hopkins Rescue” – climbing/adventure, 9 minutes”Alone Across Australia” – adventure, 52 minutes”Wild for Good Conservation” – 42 minutes 7 – 9 p.m. “Mini Cine Tupy” – culture, 12 minutes”Solilochairliftquist” – skiing/uuman interest, 4 minutes”American Made” – culture, 25 minutes”The Hatch” – fly fishing/environment, 17 minutes”African Fly By” – base jumping, 11 minutes”Pororoca Surfing” – 26 minutes 9:15 -11 p.m.

“Front Porch” – nature/telluride, 3 minutes”The Magic Knot” – climbing/culture, 25 minutes”He Dances For His Cormorants” – wildlife, 26 minutes”Racer No. 9″ – skiing, 17 minutes”Ancient Marks” – culture/body art, 11 minutes”Time For A New God” – human interest, 18 minutes”Le Cheval w.1 – humor, 2 minutes Staff Writer Shauna Farnell can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 610, or, Colorado

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