Vicious rumors |

Vicious rumors

Aggie Chastain

Assign a label to the person. Call your adversary mean-spirited, call him a bully. Worse yet, call him a “dog hater” or “dog poisoner.” Gosh, politicians do it all the time – what’s to stop me?

Yesterday (with a sheriff’s officer at my side) another Eagle-Vail resident informed me that my husband of 36 years kills dogs. My husband is accused of this evil act because during the 11-plus years we have lived in Eagle-Vail, his reputation as having no patience for dogs in his yard has gotten around.

Why, who else could it possibly be that is poisoning dogs. It has to be that “crazy old man” who lives at 0012 Lark Court. He hates dogs – everyone knows that! He runs dogs out of his yard.

He demands that owners of dogs violating his lawn clean up the mess. Who hasn’t at one time or another seem him running out of his house

screaming cuss words at a canine in dead squat? He harasses dog owners by reporting offenders to animal control.

So now the character assassination rumor trail has been well carved and my husband accused of killing dogs. Had it not been for an unusual set of circumstances (a Sheriff’s officer came to discuss an incident concerning dog droppings), we would not have known of these malicious rumors. Oh how much simpler it is to slander the messenger rather than to admit irresponsibility. My husband has never demanded anything of dog owners except that they be responsible. He does not hate dogs. He does not poison dogs. He does, however, proudly admit intense disgust with irresponsible dog owners.

How very sad that so many in the canine world have owners who care so little for them as to put them at risk by allowing them to run loose. How sad for all of us who have neighbors who think so seldom of anyone other than themselves that they allow their canine “friends” to defecate in other people’s yards or public areas without even the slightest thought of cleaning it up. If my husband is a dog hater, than these individuals are certainly people haters.

Aggie Chastain


Wake-up call

Friday’s 18 million pound ground beef recall by ConAgra, the nation’s second largest meat processor, should be a wake-up call for all consumers; federal meat inspection is not adequate to ensure a safe meat supply.

The recall was occasioned by a high incidence of infection with a deadly strain of E. coli bacteria. The bacteria are introduced by fecal contamination of the carcasses and can cause bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and in some cases, kidney failure and death.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimate that some 80 million Americans a year suffer from food-borne illness. Up to 90 percent of chickens contain Campylobacter, 5 percent of cows carry the lethal strain of E. coli, and 30 percent of pigs are infected with toxoplasmosis. Egg consumption is a leading cause of salmonella poisoning.

How many illnesses and deaths will it take before American consumers consign meat consumption to the garbage heap of lifestyle history, along with smoking, and drug addiction?

Brad Rawlins


Phone fixing

We at Slifer Designs are very pleased with the rapid progress Douglas J. Alden and his team at CenturyTel have made installing a switch upgrade for Edwards, Berry Creek and Arrowhead. We look forward to completion of the upgrade for McCoy, Eagle and Gypsum.

Thank you for correcting the shortcomings of the previous system. We are delighted to have reliable telephone service once again.

Beth Slifer


Slifer Designs

Bus blare

Does the fact that the town of Vail provides bus service automatically bestow upon its drivers the right to subject their passengers to loud, blaring, hard rock music?

John C. Sullivan

Rochester, N.Y.

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