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Victims of love

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Happy 29th Birthday (again) to Matt! With love from Adina, Alexa and Reese (shown here on her actual birthday - Sept. 1).

If we had a transom, this would have sailed in over it …We recently received a press release from the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office urging motorists to be careful on the roads these days.”November is the beginning of mating season for deer and elk,” the release reads. “This means more deer and elk will be on the highway at all times of the day, but especially at night. These animals may also be more driven and less likely to notice traffic.”

Sounds like a plan to us. Be careful out there, folks. Deer and elk aren’t the brightest critters on our Little Blue Orb in the first place, and, it seems, a goose from Cupid’s arrow makes ’em downright oblivious… .




. .Vail, Colorado

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