VIDEO — Mountain Travel Symposium, Day #1 |

VIDEO — Mountain Travel Symposium, Day #1

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” The Vail Travel Symposium took over the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa this Monday, and will be in town for the next week.

Three tennis courts above the parking structure have been transformed into more than 100 booths allowing buyers and providers of travel a chance to meet and do business.

But, it seems, a great deal of business is being done in the eucalyptus scented halls of the spa. The back windows behind the south curtain have a wonderful ledge where lots of symposium participants have perched to cool off, make deals and watch the snow fall.

Odd, most of the participants in the tradeshow are from ski resorts or provide booking services for ski resorts and related industry, but all are fascinated by Vail’s snow. It’s probably more like pining to be on the slopes than it is sheer awe of the snow in Vail.

Parties? Oh heavens yes.

By the time this missive hits the press, the Roaring 20’s party will have already happened. If anyone out there in cyber-land (or from the print edition) has the inside scoop on who was there and what it was like, don’t be shy and talk to the guy at the Vail Daily booth. He might have headphones on, but get someone to interrupt him. His name is Austin and he loves to tell stories. Reach him at

A pair of snowstorms have laid fresh snow over the slopes, a welcome change from last week’s nice weather. Is there a correlation to an Indian Summer for the spring?

E-mail me the answer (arichardson@vaildaily.comand I’ll shout you out in this blog. Or, better yet, come by the Vail Daily booth (window side) and I’ll tell you a joke and ply you with candy and information about the valley.

Be sure and let Austin know that you’re interested in being featured in a blog on on a video from the Mountain Travel Symposium. He’ll be glad to oblige. At times he refers to himself in the third person, but in a good way, let me assure you. Oh, anf that head-shake is likely from the music constantly playing in his head, not an apparent head injury.

And thank you to Andy Calder for sharing your I-tunes with the rest of us on Macs. Andy’s got great taste in music, by the way. Look me up, Andy, I’d like to thank you personally.

Web editor Austin Richardson will be skulking around the Mountain Travel Symposium with a video camera, looking for blogs and blog-related … stuff.

Ask him about is broken finger. He loves to talk about it. Reach Austin Richardson at or at (970) 376-8011.

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