Vin 48: Sailing into Avon’s boat building |

Vin 48: Sailing into Avon’s boat building

Wren Wertin
Vail, CO, Colorado
AE Vin 481 KA 9-18-07

It used to be more like cozy captain’s quarters, but the redefined, redesigned, space in Avon’s boat building is headed for the land of luxury liners ” sans shuffleboard or snooty attitude. This winter Collin Baugh, Charles Hays and Greg Eynon are opening Vin 48, a wine bar in the heart of Avon with a menu heavily influenced by Italy. Small plates, large plates and sizes in between will be offered.

“We’re going for the true local crowd,” said Baugh, an Avon resident. “A place where we’d want to go.”

The restaurant’s name is both down to earth and snazzy, a harbinger of what’s to come: Vin is Italian for wine. 48 is simply the address. The trio came together at Beaver Creek’s Toscanini, a glossy Italian restaurant. Down the hill at Vin 48, Hays will remain in the kitchen and Baugh will manage the front of the house.

“I think every chef wants to have his own place,” said Hays about his new venture.

“VA (Vail Associates) has been great to me, but I’m ready to take this next step.”

Eynon, who will also be in the front of the house, is spearheading the wine program, which is getting a kick-start from a custom-made wine wall that will serve as both storage and visual aid. Plus, it will help divide part of the seating area, allowing for a sense of intimacy despite the large space.

They’re investing in a massive wine preservation system, so they’ll be able to keep 32 wines “on tap.” “That’ll keep it dynamic,” Eynon said.

He plans on offering 8 to 10 wine flights (several short pours to be compared and contrasted with each other), but he’s not stopping at the standard red, white and bubbly. “A dessert flight could be really fun,” Eynon said. “Or maybe an organic flight.”

But first the remodel has to be completed. And make no mistake: it’s a massive one. What used to be known as the Vista space is the entire bar area, which will allow for grazers and munchers to sit down, have a glass or two of vino and eat their way through the small plates portion of the menu. But the space doesn’t end there. What used to be the meandering, unused entryway of the building has been absorbed into Vin 48, which will max out at roughly 90 diners. New bathrooms (hands-free, ladies), a communal table and several tables will round out the space. They’re even planning on pushing out the front doors four feet, just to get a little more room.

“We always saw the potential in it,” said Eynon about the boat building.

“It stands out ” that’s a good thing,” said Hays.

Vin 48 will be a dinner-only restaurant, with a late-night menu for night owls.

“With a nighttime restaurant, it’s easy to keep the culture of a restaurant alive,” Baugh said. “You can maintain a limited staff, so there’s really a core group that keeps it going.”

And because this group is investing their own savings, they’ll be keeping it going for the long haul. Vin 48 can only add to the Avon renaissance, which is certainly on its way.

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