Vince Madison playing benefit concert Tuesday |

Vince Madison playing benefit concert Tuesday

Daily Staff Writer

VAIL – Acoustic pianist Vince Madison, a Colorado native, will perform a special benefit concert Tuesday at the Vail Interfaith Chapel.

A composer, arranger and pianist with the heart of an adventurer, Madison has released six albums and has sold over 70,000 albums in his own independent label, Firefly records. His style, while similar in some respects to artists such as John Tesh or Yanni, could be considered “new age.” But Madison doesn’t like his music to be pigeon-holed to one genre.”My music indicates strength and hope, inspiration and heart, a sense of harmony and direction, and new beginnings. I believe that when people listen to music they truly love, they experience a feeling of fulfillment and joy that is in fact not duplicated in any other experience. My mission is to create as many of those moments as possible for my listeners.”

Madison regularly performs in concerts to benefit causes that are near to his heart. His mother, Ann, is a Vail resident who passionately supports her son in his art. Madison wanted to play a concert to help St. Patrick’s parish with their youth education outreach program, and this seemed like a good time to bring his special style of music to Vail.

“One of the hallmarks of my live performance is the passion I bring to the music,” said Madison. “Some new-age pianists just sit there and play, but I really put my heart and soul into everything. To look into the crowd and see people falling in love with my music is a wonderful feeling. I couldn’t ask for more.”Madison’s trademark sound is piano and orchestral compositions with subtle jazz influences. Tickets are available online at or at Vail Interfaith Chapel after masses or by calling 827-5784 ext. 11.

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