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‘Virtual operator’ – RIP

J.K. Perry
NWS Phone System BH 10-27

EAGLE-VAIL – Good-bye to the Vail Daily’s sometimes frustrating phone system. Everyone meet the new-and-improved phone service.Beginning Saturday, callers to the newspaper will have a streamlined greeting to reach their intended employee, rather than a voice-operated “virtual operator” that sometimes transfers calls all over the place. “The voice thing, I would speak and it wouldn’t take me there or it would take me somewhere else,” said Bill Kaufman, Eagle County Sheriff’s jail administrator. Kaufman said he will be happy to be rid of the old system.The source of frustration for readers and clients lead Vail Daily officials to invest time and money into an effective phone system everyone could be happy with, Publisher Steve Pope said.”Changing our phone system this weekend is a big deal for our readers, clients and hopefully for our service reputation,” Pope said.Again, the cheerful voice of Marketing Director Mark Bricklin will greet callers, only now he will direct them to dial an employee’s new five-digit extension or reach a company directory listing by department. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. callers can reach a human operator by dialing 0 at any time.Initially, the change will be somewhat difficult for callers and employees, but in the future the new system will be better, Information Services Assistant Mike Schneider said.Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 450, or jkperry@vaildaily.com. Vail, Colorado

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