Visions of jackpots … |

Visions of jackpots …

Don Rogers

You know, in this corner we rather like the idea of the county commissioners slowing the rush toward “Ginturn.” As one observer of Minturn leaders’ apparent embrace of developing the woods clear to Red Cliff put it, “If they use the words ‘hit the jackpot’ one more time …”No, Bobby Ginn is not Satan hisself. We know that. He’s a developer merely doing what developers do. You can’t blame a Great White for feasting on seal. The predator must feed. Besides, it’s only instinct.And you can’t blame the leaders of a relatively poor town for dreaming of a new sewer system, sidewalks and maybe a chance to thumb their noses at all those highfalutin’s who let Vail Resorts steal their water rights in court.Nope, they’ll be uptown soon enough. Never mind all that silly talk about maintaining their smalltown character and all that. That was before. Why, all they gotta do is let the forest get cluttered up for 5,400 acres. No problem. Just trees, meadows and a ghost town on a hillside anyway. No big deal. Plenty of all that up here. It’s private property anyways. So folks, go ahead and pretend your Minturn Town Council is made up of statesmen free of visions of the baubles to come.No need to come to meetings, to think twice about what you are giving up, about whether your quaint town today is what a gated community that dwarfs it will bring with annexation. Go ahead and wait and see. And get mad if “outsiders” assail your good sense to embrace hundreds of homes, a private golf course and maybe even a private ski resort on this land.Best start speaking up now if that’s not your vision of the ideal future. When it’s gone, it’s gone. But you’ll have a new sewer system. That’ll be worth it. Why sure. Vail, Colorado

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