Vodka 14 is more than just Russian water |

Vodka 14 is more than just Russian water

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Canyon Wine 2005 47-Ten Red Table Wine, $12.99Not all red table wines are created equal; some are fantastic, some are horrendous and some fall in between. Canyon Wind Cellar 47-10 is the latter, as its drinkable but nothing to write home about. However, its status as a Colorado winery buys it some leeway after all, you have to have state pride and supporting local wineries is a noble way to show it. The grapes are grown, fermented and bottled in not-so-far-away Palisade. The vintners manage to grow the grapes at an elevation of 4,710 feet no small feat indeed, and the source of the wines name.The wine, made up of red varietals, is a deep, dark red and has flavors of plum, berry, chocolate and earth that starts well but ends up on the chalky side. Try it with pasta made with a red sauce or any meat dish you like to mitigate the finish and play up the wines strengths.While I doubt I would buy this particular wine again, I would definitely give the winery another shot and sample one of their many other choices, especially those in a higher price bracket. At about $11, its a steal and something worth considering for your next Made in Colorado party when you need something in bulk.Jessica Slosberg, Daily CorrespondentHonig Sauvignon Blanc, $16.99The Sauvignon Blanc grapes for future bottles of this bright, crisp wine are being harvested right now the harvest, according to their web site ( is Aug. 28 Oct. 10. The wine is almost entirely Sauvignon Blanc with a touch of Semillon. The result is very clean, very pure Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc.The wine is melon, fresh cut grass and hay, not as much citrus and grapefruit as New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, said Mikey Werner of Alpine Wine and Spirits. Though the winery offers a very tasty Cabernet Sauvignon, they made their name on the white wine, Werner said. He recommends pairing the white wine with shell fish crab, fish or shrimp. The wine will also cut through a pasta alfredo very nicely, he said.In the mid 60s, Louis Honig purchased 68 acres in the heart of the Napa Valley and started selling grapes to neighboring wineries, always with the dream of one day making his own wine. He died before he could realize his vision, but today the winery is run by his grandson, Michael and a handful of other family members. If the wineries web site is any indication, the family-run operations is leaps and bounds ahead of the industry standard they run bio diesel in their tractors and use organic fungicides and pesticides. The vineyard also uses owl boxes rather than poisons to control rodents and in 2006, they threw the switch on their photovoltaic system our electricity farm, as we like to call it, the web site said. They save over $42,000 a year and in the next 30 years, estimate theyll prevent the emission of over 7-and-a-half million pounds of carbon dioxide. This allows us to Do well while doing good, something we continually strive for, the site said. Caramie Schnell, Arts & Entertainment EditorVodka Fourteen, $31.99Does it matter if your vodka is organic?I cant claim to scientifically prove anything, but if Boulders Vodka Fourteen is any indication, it certainly cant hurt. The USDA-certified organic spirit, made from distilled Rocky Mountain spring water, rye and corn, is a cut above even other boutique vodkas and positively crushes mass-market brands.If youre ready to put down that plastic bottle of McCormicks or Gilbys and move on from the jungle juice, Vodka Fourteen offers flavors and complexity not found in common vodkas. Ive heard of vodka connoisseurs sipping on Grey Goose on ice, but Ive never been able to play along in my book, Russian water was for mixing only. But Vodka Fourteen truly is a sippable vodka that stands on its own merits and should be tried at least once solo before being drowned in cranberry juice or tonic.It starts with the clean nose, which bears hints of grains and rye and lacks the pungent, gasoline burn that comes with opening a bottle of most vodkas. Upon tasting, the vodka remains exceptionally smooth throughout, with floral notes and light sweetness gracing the flavor on its way to a crisp, flawless finish.When mixed with cranberry juice, it actually enhanced the tartness of the juice and cut down on the sweetness, making for an exceptional Cape Cod. Altitude Spirits claims their super-strong flavor comes from both the organic ingredients and meticulous filtration process. Regardless of their techniques, it works to create one of the best vodkas Ive ever tasted. Its quite expensive, but it remains a worthy flagship spirit for Colorado, and for the 14,000 mountains it’s named after. Ted Alvarez, Arts & Entertainment Writer

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