Vodka for the veterans |

Vodka for the veterans

Joe Nedlin
Aspen, CO, Colorado

I travel throughout Colorado delivering Joka Vodka from the back of my jeep. The vokda is American made, as good or better then most and I give all the profits to American veterans through Blue Star Mothers a national veterans organization.

You would think that at this time of the year we would especially wish to honor our veterans with not only thanks but help.

I am 67, and realize that our veterans not only deserve the help of our government, which is painfully absent, but the help of our people.

Knowing that the proceeds from the sale of Joka goes to help Veterans and that the Vodka is superior to others would be a no brainer that people would carry it and recomend it for the quality alone.

It was therfore suprising to note that many establishments do not care.

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Americans are a great people, economic times are bad and memories are short. If it were not for veterans we would be a second class nation or even worse. I am proud to be an American and do not ask peole to donate but rather to purchase American to help Americans. Is this to difficult to understand? or are we just losing what has made us great…compassion for our own. If Grey Goose gave to American Veterans I would sit on my can and rest but right now I have to pack the jeep with more Joka.

Joe Nedlin


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