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Volunteers needed for cabin research

Daily Staff Writer

The U.S. Forest Service is looking for somebody who has about 40 hours during the next several months for a historical project involving Mount of the Holy Cross.The mountain was designated as a national monument in 1929, and, soon after, annual pilgrimages were begun to the top of nearby Notch Mountain, the best place to see the cross of snow. These pilgrimages, given prominent play by The Denver Post, attracted thousands during the peak years.Partly in response to these pilgrimages, Civilian Conservation Corps crews were put to work during the 1930s building two structures, Tigiwon Lodge and the Notch Mountain Shelter. The latter is located on the south summit of the twin-topped peak.Both structures have served well over the years, with some restoration work occurring during the 1990s. Now, the Forest Service hopes to get both added to the National Historic Register.”It allows us to qualify for restoration and maintenance grants, and it also puts constraints on the type of maintenance that we will do,” said Beth Boyst, wilderness coordinator for the Forest Service. Any additional restoration of the buildings, she added, would have to be in keeping with the type of structures originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps crews.Specifically, Boyst is looking for somebody to write the nomination and do the necessary research. Forest Service records are somewhat spotty, so this might involve digging through archives elsewhere. Photographing the structures will be necessary as well. If you’re interested, contact her at 827-5168 or bboys@fs.fed.us.

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