Volvo brings Swedish accent to auto scene |

Volvo brings Swedish accent to auto scene

Carrie Click
Special to the Post Independent/Erin M. Cady Workers from Colorado Commercial Services Inc. work on laying brick in the driveway of the new Volvo dealership.

The Swedes are on their way to Glenwood – well, at least their cars are. Randy and Jennifer Tuggle, who own and operate the Land Rover Roaring Fork dealership in Glenwood Springs, are bringing Volvo cars to the Western Slope. The Tuggles’ Swedish-based car dealership will be located across from Sioux Villa Curio on Sixth Street in Glenwood Springs

“It’s going to be the best and the only Volvo dealership on the Western Slope,” said Jennifer, with a smile. “It’ll be the only Volvo dealership between Denver and Salt Lake.”The dealership will be a full-service facility, selling and leasing new and used Volvos, as well as repairing them. The family’s car dealerships started when Jennifer’s grandfather started a Ford dealership in New Jersey.

“His two sons decided to open a Mercedes dealership in 1968,” said Randy. “Jennifer’s grandfather said they were crazy, and that no one would buy a foreign car. He told them there was no way they would ever succeed.”Now, the family runs a automotive corporation back East, and Jennifer and Randy have continued the business out West. They moved to Basalt in 2000. Vic Doolan, CEO of Volvo Cars North America, said he saw a natural connection to Volvo cars and the terrain and climate around Glenwood Springs.

“In August, all of Volvo’s cars will be all-time all-wheel drive,” he said. “They’re fuel efficient, and they have the get-up-and-go that’s needed around here.”Randy said Volvos are a natural choice for people living in the mountains around Glenwood Springs.”Volvo has changed a lot because of Vic,” said Randy. “Now, not only are Volvos safe, but they’re exciting to drive, too.”

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