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Vonn takes questions from Vail kids

Lauren Glendenning
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyTwo-time World Cup champion skier Lindsey Vonn, left, and her host, former US Ski Team member Christin Cooper, right, smile as they listen to a question from a young fan during an interactive live Webcast Friday

VAIL, Colorado –There’s nothing like the imagination of a kid to think up questions for Vail’s World Champ skier, Lindsey Vonn. Take, for instance, l”What would happen if you sneezed while you were racing in the downhill,” or “At what degree do you sharpen your edges?”

About 30 local kids from both the SOS Outreach and Ski and Snowboard Club Vail sat in on a press conference with Vonn, the Vail-based World Champion and U.S. Ski Team racer hoping to win big at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver next February, at the Arrabelle in Vail Friday evening.

The event, called “Epic Kids – Live with Lindsey,” aired live on TV 8, Vail Resorts’ local television station, and as a live streaming Web cast. Children from Illinois to Boulder, Colo., to Austria and Mexico sent in questions via YouTube.com, Facebook.com and other media. They wanted to know how fast Vonn can ski, how many pairs of skis she has, what her favorite run at Vail is and where she likes to ski the most in the world.

Vonn undoubtedly called Vail her favorite mountain in the world – she moved to Vail when she was 11 and is now sponsored by Vail Resorts and has a home in the Arrabelle. The answer was no surprise, but the local kids listening in on the live interactive press conference were happy to hear it.

Jacob Dilling, a student at Red Sandstone Elementary, asked Vonn the question and afterwards said she’s “very nice.”

When Vonn told the room full of kids that she spends about eight hours a day training in the gym, some of their faces lit up with surprise. The Ski and Snowboard Club Vail members looked on with admiration as Vonn told them they could someday be a part of the U.S. Ski Team.

“Work hard, stay determined and anything is possible,” Vonn said.

The kids’ also tried to break the surface of the ski-racing Vonn to find out a little more about the everyday person. What they learned, though, was that Vonn has skiing on her mind constantly.

Sure, Vonn gets in some time to do laundry, cook dinner for herself and husband, Thomas, and sometimes fits in some television. She’s usually skiing, however, or training for skiing, she said.

She’s been clocked at 90 miles per hour on her skis and said she has about 60 pairs of skis. She missed her senior prom because of ski racing and said she’ll continue to do what it takes to keep winning big, she said.

Brenden Keane, a 10-year-old Vail Mountain School student and member of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, had his own agenda for the meeting with Vonn – he wanted insider tips. Brenden hopes to be a ski racer when he’s older and wanted to know what Vonn’s secrets are in terms of how she sharpens her edges.

Vonn smiled and told Brenden it was a great question.

In slalom, she goes for a .5-degree base and a 3-degree side, and for speed, it’s a 1-degree base and 3-degree side, she said.

As for whether Vonn has ever sneezed while racing, she said she hasn’t.

“I don’t think I breathe very much when I’m skiing,” Vonn said.

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