Vote all Dems through Eagle County, Colorado |

Vote all Dems through Eagle County, Colorado

Debbie K. Marquez
Vail, CO, Colorado

In four days in Eagle County, Colorado, and across this great country, voters will choose their elected leaders. Readers of the Vail Daily have heard the opinions of those that degrade and attack, by any means necessary, anything they perceive as the enemy.

But enemy we are not. We live in a world of differing viewpoints and values, but we are all Americans.

Let us be clear that there is a fundamental difference in philosophy between the candidates on our ballot. Electing Democrats to county, state, and federal offices will help a Democratic president to expand opportunity for middle-class families, preserve our environment, improve our schools, and ensure health-care coverage for all.

Electing Democrats will ensure that local work-force housing is a priority, not something left to the private sector.

Electing Democrats will ensure that children receive health care so when they go to school are given the opportunity to learn.

Electing Democrats will ensure our environment gets a fair shake.

Electing Democrats will ensure that our country moves forward with green-collar job opportunities.

Electing Democrats will expand health care for the uninsured in our country.

Electing Democrats will lead to an end of our occupation of Iraq and the expense that has driven our country to record debt.

So, when you vote to bring about the change we need, don’t stop at the top ” vote for all of our great Democratic candidates.

Vote for Ken Brenner for state Senate, who speaks often about preserving our water and land.

Vote for Christine Scanlan, the state representative who has been chosen as education leader by Gov. Ritter.

Vote for Peter Runyon, who has promised as county commissioner to bring forward an assisted living housing project so our elders don’t have to go elsewhere.

Vote for Jon Stavney, who is going to make a fine county commissioner and promises to support continued work force housing opportunities that have been started by our current commission.

Start at the top and elect Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden as our next president and vice president, Mark Udall as our U.S. senator and Jared Polis to the U.S. House.

We have an outstanding group of candidates that will work to bring people together at a time when our country has been driven apart. Say no to division and fear, and help us move our county state and country forward.

Debbie K. Marquez of Edwards is a Colorado Democratic National Convention committeewoman. Contact her at

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