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Vote for docs

Tom and Flo Steinberg

The Ambulance District election on May 4 to elect two board members is a very important election since it may radically change the way the health services operate.

A year ago the Town of Vail, weary of complaints about the absence of a fire station in West Vail, hired a consultant, Jim Sparr, to do a fire station analysis. Studies were done. The first recommendation: “the TOV in cooperation with the Eagle River Fire Protection District and the Ambulance District should study the possibility of fully integrated fire and emergency medical services to maximize the utilization of resources and provide continuity or patient care.” To save money, the fireman would become EMTs, working part time at both jobs. An EMT (emergency medical technician) has less training than a paramedic. Paramedics work for ambulance services. If you were critically injured, would you rather be rescued by a EMT or a paramedic?

There is no doubt that the Vail Town Council considers the fire department a burden. If they want to integrate, Sparr told them to “pack” the board. Pam Brandmeyer, assistant manager for the town of Vail, is a candidate. If she wins she will join another TOV employee, John Powers, who is a board member.

Two of the candidates are doctors. One, Dr. Larry Brooks, is head of the emergency services; Dr. Reginald Francoise is a trauma surgeon. Both of them are pros when it comes to physical injury and triage. Both of them love to work and teach in the ambulance headquarters. Their extensive medical knowledge and experience puts them way ahead of the other candidates. Vote for the doctors.

Tom and Flo Steinberg


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