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Vote for Phillips

Six years ago, I was not happy with the direction that Avon was headed. I got involved in the town process and four years ago, I won a seat on the Avon Town Council. Today, I am very proud of the progress that our community has made, and I ask you to support my quest to keep our town headed in the right direction. Please vote Amy Phillips for Avon Town Councilor.

In the last four years, the Avon Town Council has studied and changed many planning documents; we have implemented some of the revised plans and are in process with several others. If you have questions regarding my service as a Town Councilor please contact me at (970) 331-1645 or

We have improved the transparency and communication with Avon citizens, including redesigning our Web site, which now allows the public easy access to all of the documents the Avon Town Council use in their decision making process.

I am grateful each and every individual who is concerned can access the information ( and make their opinion known on their time schedule. I can only imagine how much different the Village at Avon agreements would be had this access been available 12 years ago.

Avon’s current Town Council, like our citizenry, is a very diverse group; we have different professional backgrounds, income levels and life experiences. I look forward to deliberating and learning the different perspectives of my fellow councilors. I look forward to hearing from the public, the input from whom is always the most imperative and interesting.

I am asking for your vote and I hope to learn, as you stated in our town survey, we are headed in the right direction. After you vote for president and other representatives, please cast your vote for Amy C. Phillips, Avon town councilor.

Thank you for your support.

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