Vote on the real issues |

Vote on the real issues

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

By all means read the home rule charter up for election this month.

Bear in mind that it was written by thoughtful, conscientious citizens who you elected for the task. Also bear in mind that it was thoroughly vetted by attorneys with long experience and expertise in municipal law.

Don’t be fooled by the armchair attorneys reading their wild exaggerations into the language in a naked attempt to win an election at whatever cost.

The home rule charter that would partially emancipate Eagle County from strict state control aims fully to improve on county governance.

There is no pernicious intent, nor remotely the sort of gaffes claimed. Citizens of Eagle County would have more rights, not less, under the charter.

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Eagle County towns operate under home rule charters. Although there are differences between town and county home rule, they are similar in taking a measure of independence from the all-encompassing state strictures that treat counties of Eagle’s size the same even though they plainly are not.

Our advice here is to vote not on the marginal red herrings but on the core elements of the home rule charter. That is, whether five commissioners would be better than three, and whether citizens should have the ability to put issues on the election ballot.

We believe the county would be better served by a more deliberative five than three, and that citizens should have the means to call elections on important matters to all of us.

You might disagree, for a variety of good reasons. And that’s where this election should focus, on what’s real.

Don’t let a small group of partisans confuse the issues. Read the document, give it the benefit of consideration on the merits, and decide.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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