Voters asked to consider ballot issues |

Voters asked to consider ballot issues

Tamara Miller

Beaver Creek Metropolitan District voters approved a $4 million bond measure in 1998 for the sole purpose of building a new maintenance and public works facility. On Tuesday they will be asked to allow the district’s Board of Directors to use some of those funds for street improvements.

“We have never used the 1998 funds to construct the maintenance facility,” said Larry Grafel, general manager of the metro district. “We still intend to use them for a maintenance facility, however we want to be able to use them for another purpose as well.”

The metro board has found a different, less expensive way to build a maintenance facility, which would provide a new home for the district’s municipal vehicles, grounds maintenance equipment and operations as well as bays to repair Beaver Creek buses. Metro board member Steve Friedman say it’s too early to say what that new, less expensive way is.

If voters approve this year’s measure, the metro board will still use some of those bond proceeds for the new facility, but will be able to use the remainder on street improvements in the neighborhood.

Voters also will consider allowing the board to enter into multiple-year contracts for vehicle maintenance and fire protection. The district contracts with the Eagle River Fire Protection District for fire safety and the town of Avon for vehicle maintenance.

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Voters are being asked to allow for vehicle maintenance contracts that will not exceed 50 years and fire protection contracts that will not exceed 10 years. The district currently reviews contracts on an annual basis.

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