Voters picking next Vail Town Council |

Voters picking next Vail Town Council

Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyVail Town Council candidates Steven Connolly, left, and Kevin Foley, right, wave and greet at potential supporters as they pull in to vote Tuesday at the Vail Town Hall in Vail.

VAIL ” Sign-toting Vail Town Council candidates waved to voters at the entrance to Town Hall on Tuesday as residents arrived to cast their votes.

Voter Mike Phillips said favored candidate Andy Daly, in part because of Daly’s experience as president of Vail Resorts. Phillips said it’s important that the town can work well with the ski company ” and other businesses.

“I’m very interested in seeing businesses be well supported,” he said.

Phillips added that he liked the incumbent candidates, Kim Newbury and Kevin Foley.

Ten candidates are running for five open seats on the Town Council. The candidates are Dick Cleveland, Stephen Connolly, Daly, Foley, Dave Irwin, Bob McKown, Newbury, Scott Proper, Margaret Rogers and Susie Tjossem.

Voter Ken White also said he voted for the incumbents. He wanted candidates with good leadership, who cared about Vail and who had an open mind.

“Development and the environment was really important,” White said.

Vail should have worker housing, White said, but he wasn’t in favor of creating low-cost housing for the middle class, he said.

Gigi Dramis, another voter, said she liked candidates Bob McKown, Foley and Newbury.

“I like the local that has lived here a long time that looks after the people like me ” service industry, has a family,” he said.

All of the candidates except Proper were holding signs in the parking lot.

Newbury’s stereo was blasting tunes from Widespread Panic while the rest of the candidates congregated around her. Cleveland was telling the story about a fall he’d taken in the parking lot early that morning. He had gotten 15 stitches in his hand.

“It’s more of a social event than campaigning,” Cleveland said. “You see a lot of friends.”

Tjossem had gotten in a bit of trouble with the Vail cops for toeing the edge of the street while campaigning. In a joking show of solidarity, Connolly said all of the candidates would go to jail if Tjossem had to go.

Foley was standing across the driveway from most of the other candidates. It was a bit of strategy, he said, that he’d picked up from a previous successful candidate.

But Foley wasn’t making any predictions about what would happen when the results were announced that evening.

“It’s always a crap shoot,” he said.

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