Voters: Snow, not election, will drive Vail’s ski season |

Voters: Snow, not election, will drive Vail’s ski season

Nicole Inglis
Vail, CO Colorado
Kristin Anderson/Vail DailyStudent election judge Karla Gallegos adds voting stickers to a pile to be handed out to voters Tuesday at the Eagle County Building in Eagle.

VAIL ” Locals say that this winter season’s success will be affected more by the snow than who will be elected president.

While many voters are fearful of the tumbling economy and drops in ski vacation bookings to support local businesses, most say that neither candidate will provide an immediate fix for the economy.

Walt Hutton, of Ptarmigan Sports, is a registered Republican and voted for John McCain. He said that it will take “a miracle and a bolt of lightening” for his choice to get elected, but whoever wins the presidency will have a rough ride for the next few years.

“No president will have an immediate effect on the economy locally,” said Walt Hutton of Ptarmigan Sports. “People who have money will still come here. We’ll be slow until ski season hits, but if you come in here after it dumps three feet, it will be packed.”

Nicole Junell, however, believes that the diving economy will have a noticeable effect on the local ski season economy, and that Barack Obama will give the economy a better chance in the long run.

“People are making cuts,” she said, “And extravagant ski vacations to Vail aren’t exactly a top priority.”

Vail has already seen a 20 percent drop-off in hotel bookings for this winter.

However, if the snow falls the way it did last year, Junell agrees it could help regain some ground.

“It’s also a snow issue, of course,” Junell said.

Kelli Nelson of Eagle-Vail, who participated in early voting, is nervous for the results of the election to come in. Nelson is a waitress and doesn’t believe that the slumping economy will affect this ski season on a local level.

“I don’t think we’ll see that much of a difference in here,” she said. “We just have to pray for snow.”

Tim, of Eagle, who did not want his last name used, is a registered Republican, but will not be voting for McCain this election.

“I can’t vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin,” he said. “And I can’t vote for Obama, either. I think I’m going to vote for the Boston Tea Party.”

Tim said that the country is in a deep rut and that it might not matter who in particular is in White House.

“It’s going to take a long time to get us out of this depression,” he said. “If Barack Obama gets elected president I just hope that he will be a good strong leader because that’s what our country needs right now.”

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