Voters take another shot at Home Rule |

Voters take another shot at Home Rule

Alison Miller
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY ” Five days have passed since Laddie Clark peeked into his post office box and found his home rule ballot, but he still hasn’t cast his vote.

“I’m taking time to digest what’s out there about home rule and trying to make a sound decision before I mail it back,” Clark said.

The media attention and controversy over bringing the county’s proposed move to home rule to a second vote after it failed in November has given Clark a lot to think about, he said.

Clark and thousands of other Eagle County voters were mailed their special election ballots on April 10 and will have until May 1 to check yes or no on the government reform proposal that would expand the board of county commissioners from three to five members.

Additionally, the charter would give Eagle County voters the right, for the first time, to put issues and questions on the ballot by referendum or initiative, and would retain partisan political affiliations as a basic aspect of the county’s political life.

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Matt Kozusko didn’t waste any time mailing his ballot back.

“I got it on Monday and it was a very simple thing to do,” said Kozusko who was at the Avon Post Office mailing his ballot back on Wednesday. “It took me less than a minute, but I knew how I was going to vote already.”

Kozusko voted yes, and Clark said he also is leaning towards voting for home rule. Over the course of an hour at the Avon Post Office, not one person who took the time to be interviewed was against home rule.

“I am all for home rule,” Kozusko said. “It would give good representation to everyone in the county, and I couldn’t find a solid reason not to vote for it.”

Any registered voter who did not get a ballot can contact the county to find out how they can receive one, said Teak Simonton, the county clerk.

Anyone who wants to participate in the election but is not an active voter already has until April 24 to contact the clerk’s office to receive a ballot by mail. Ballots will also be made available to registered voters at the clerk’s office until the day of the election.

Postage to mail the ballot back must be paid by the voter, the clerk’s office said.

Voting will end at 7 p.m. on May 1, and results should be available that night by about 10 p.m., said Don Cohen, chairman of the Home Rule Charter Committee.

Aspen Times reporter John Colson contributed to this story.

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