Voting machines passed on to Vail, other towns |

Voting machines passed on to Vail, other towns

Melanie Wong
Vail, Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” Some pass on old clothes, furniture or sports equipment, but in Colorado’s Vail Valley, Eagle County is passing on its old voting machines.

The county, which switched to new vote-counting machines that optically scan the ballots, is giving its old machines to the towns of Vail, Avon and Basalt. Each town will get three or four of the AccuVote machines, said Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton.

“They’re 10-year old technology, but they still work,” she said. “We had some issues with them, but you figure it out.”

In the past, the towns have simply borrowed the machines from the county during election time. Vail Town Clerk Lorelei Donaldson said it will be nice for the town to have its own.

“We usually use two (machines), and it will be nice to have a back up,” she said. “Also, now they’ll be on hand immediately. Previously we went to pick them up.”

The machines work well for small-sized elections like Vail’s.

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