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VR ranks as fifth largest Colorado employer

Scott Cunningham

Vail Resorts (VR) came in fifth in the Aug. 11 Denver Post rankings of the top 100 employers in Colorado.With about 12,000 employees at its four resorts, according to the Post, VR is a larger presence on the state’s labor landscape than Safeway, Target, Coors, AT&T, 7-Eleven, Kmart and Albertson’s, to name a few.In a lot of ways, the ski company could be the best employer in the state, as well. Just look who’s ahead of VR. According to the Post, the No. 1 employer is Wal-Mart and No. 2 is Kroger, which owns grocery stores City Market and King Soopers, both of which offer mostly low-wage positions.The No. 3 employers is Qwest, which is under investigation for alleged accounting mismanagement and has seen its stock price plummet, and No. 4 is Centura Health, a health care provider, which is actually smaller than Vail Resorts based on VR spokeswoman Kelly Ladyga’s estimate of 14,000 employees.Plus, VR is one of only four companies in the top 20 that is actually based in the state (and one of those four is Qwest). VR is based in Avon, although the primary shareholders of the publicly traded company are out-of-state.

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