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VR rumors hit crescendo

Don Rogers

The grapevine is positively shuddering now. The end of the month, end of next week, the deal to sell Vail Resorts will be done. (Or was that this week and it just hasn’t become official yet?) The suitors have whittled from four or five to two, at least as one trunk of the grapevine has it.One of the names is familiar and the other not so, at least not to us. We refrain from putting names on the second-hand sourcing, even here, where we feel freer to speculate than in the news columns, because, well, all the sources are second-hand. If covering Kobe Bryant’s rape case taught us anything, it’s to steer well clear of second-hand sourcing in the news columns.The Denver Post did put names on their story about Vail Resorts’ stock price spike this summer and the possibility of an upcoming sale of the company a week after the Vail Daily’s story that left out the names leading the list of rumors. Their sourcing standard is a little looser than ours with the same sources. Perhaps as a result, they made a couple of gaffes covering the Kobe Bryant story, including one asserting a big ruckus in the alleged “rape suite” that did not happen. Oops. They might be right with VR’s buyer. Might. That’s the trouble with grapevines, second-hand sources, hearsay. It’s sooooo frustrating for the newsies when everyone – everyone! – seems to know. Or thinks they do.Fire at bayLove those nearly daily showers this summer. They may not be making much of a dent in that persistent drought. But they sure are keeping wildfires down around here. Still, it won’t take too long a dry spell for the threat to return.

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