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VR’s new owner: VR?

Don Rogers

So now we understand there is no deal to purchase Vail Resorts and the favored suitor of the Front Range papers, Henry Kravis and company – didn’t even place a bid in the end.The other last suitor standing, Texas Pacific Group, did place a bid, but it was too low.This information remains firmly in the realm of gossip. That is, someone heard something from someone and told someone else, who mentioned that yep, he’d heard it, when a reporter called. Gather up enough of those conversations and pretty soon you have a story. Or a house of cards. The Front Range papers pretty much pegged Kravis as VR’s new owner. Funniest quote: On Friday, Vail Resorts CEO Adam Aron called, mostly to poke a little fun at the Daily quoting a local securities broker in a story looking at the company’s stock activity who didn’t know anything, of course. “I’ll give you a quote,” Aron said. “I know that Vail Resorts is selling. Would you like to know how I know this? I know this because I’ve read it in the papers.” And around it goes. The people actually involved in the negotiations have done a great job of keeping their lips sealed. And enough people who think they know have kept the grapevine interesting of late.For all this buzz, it would almost be a shame for VR’s ownership to remain the same. Why, the reporters would be running in a circle. D.R.

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